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Another of Australia's best

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Another of Australia's best

Comments for: Another of Australia's best
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 06:11AM

What's this one and what engines did it come with? You cats down in Oz had lotsa rides we never got to see here in the US though I'm sure many of them shared the same power plants as what we had here.

Did ya'll ever get any of the big block (CID) engines down there like the 383, 390, 396, 409, 426, 427, 428, 429, 440, 454 or 500s?
Holden Man Report This Comment
Date: July 01, 2016 12:27PM

Yep, this is the one I mentioned on Bertos post.
It's a Holden Monaro GTS Sports Coupe but we don't really call them coupe's down here.
It was Holden's answer to the Ford Falcon sports series as the two car company's were and still are fierce rivals.

Like the Falcon, the Monaro came in stock standard and sports models.
Both Ford and Holden had straight six cylinder engines in the standard models but their sports models were mainly big block V8's
in varied size. However, what a lot of car enthusiasts started doing, once those particular models were no longer being produced,
was to fit them with big block Chev's and souping them right up for street racing and drags etc.

So that's why most of the surviving models still out there have had some kind of modification to keep them on the road.
And I can put good money on the fact that nearly every single Ford HO and V8 Monaro
still on the road in Aus has been stolen at some stage of their lives.
I can think of about 10 people I've known over the last 30 years that have had theirs flogged and
never to be seen again. There used to be big business in stealing them for the local Chop Shops
who would respray them and add a few extra bits and pieces and re sell them.