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Yep, any day

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Yep, any day

Comments for: Yep, any day
Trevor Turnbuckle Report This Comment
Date: March 24, 2016 11:02AM

Do you hear me Trump???????
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2016 07:46AM

Anybody can say they hate Trump and many od but I never hear them saying why they hate him. Make sure to use the proven truth.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2016 08:16AM

I don't need any "proven truth".

I think he's a colossal cocksmack. It's just an opinion.

This isn't a new thing. I hated him on The Apprentice, I hate his constant self promotion and big noting. He just gives me the shits and I believe stands for pretty much everything I think is wrong with humanity.

I don't care who the US votes for, I really don't - I don't have any allegiance, democrat or republican. Honestly I couldn't care less.

I do, however, believe that if Trump gets in it's pretty much the worst thing that could possibly happen to the world.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 26, 2016 07:39AM

So you hate him for making money and being successful and you think it would be bad for the world if the US were to become successful? Hasn't Odamna been bad for the world the past 7 years? Or do you hate Trump simply because of the way he looks and his hair? What was it he said that you think would be bad for the world?
pulse Report This Comment
Date: March 26, 2016 09:42AM

I don't care about his successes or otherwise but i don't consider bankruptcy a sign of solid fiscal management. I also don't care how he looks.

And no, despite what you think of Democrats or black people i do not think Obama was bad for the world.

I don't like shameless self promotion, period. I don't want to hear why he thinks he's gods gift to the world. "Fuck I'm good, just ask me". I can't stand arrogance & in my opinion I think he's one of the most arrogant pricks I've seen in many years.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: March 26, 2016 06:15PM

The old FIGJAM coffee mug is way too common these days.
Trump could try this one for comic relief.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 27, 2016 06:53AM

After Odamna always putting everyone ahead of the US and always putting America down it is time to put America first for a change. We need the polar opposite of Qdamna to try and correct our course in the world. America can no longer afford to keep up our debt ridden ways and all our giveaways. We need someone in office who can't be bought by special interest groups or the "establishment". Our borders need to be closed and immigrants need to be looked at a lot closer before they are let in.

Just because someone has filed bankruptcy in the past does not mean they can't learn to manage properly. I did so in my past and I learned afterwards. I only wish I was a fraction as successful as Trump. If I was I might appear a little arrogant to others. Trump has been changing approach and mellowing somewhat because he does listen to others advice just not the politically correct always us last crowd.

As I have said before here I am a registered democrat but because of the path the democrats have taken in the past several years I have changed my beliefs. In the beginning of Odamna's reign I was against him because of his color because I have always said I am racist, but now I don't like him because of everything he has done to my country. If he was white and doing everything he is doing I would dislike him just as much and probably even call the white man the n word.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: March 27, 2016 09:02AM

It's kind of pointless debating this one, because neither side matters. You've got your views, and I'll never agree Trump is anything but a potential psychopath.

Anyway; yes. You can't judge by a bankruptcy. At the point of the FOURTH though; I wouldn't trust a single thing he runs. Sure, he's not been bankrupt personally, blah blah blah. The fact is, his companies, with which he is chairman and CEO, have been. Four times. Do you really think he'll be any different this time?

As far as debt ridden ways, you really, really need to understand this hit a fever pitch with Bush, and the vast majority of that Obama inherited from his reign. Billions upon billions squandered finishing the job Bush snr started. He put pride ahead of the nation, and it cost every cent you had, fighting not only a pointless war, but a war that frankly you had no business being a part of (and look at where that's left the world - just ask somebody in Europe just how safe the "war against terror" has made them today).

And with that in mind; yes. I believe Trump will be worse.; and the worst thing that's happened to the world in decades. Anyway, enough said. You'll never get me to agree he's anything other than a shameless self promoter, and #1 for him will ALWAYS come first; no matter what - and that has been made clear thus far.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 28, 2016 07:59AM

How many trillions has odamna squandered? Our country is headed for ruin and we need someone take us the totally opposite direction and dismantle the political establishment along the way. It looks so far like it might be Trump because Cruz is establishment. I am not completely behind Trump yet but much of what he has said I agree with. I only know for sure I don't want Hillary or or Bernie in office. I do know I want border security, over time to remove the illegals here, change or remove Odamna care, protect social security and take the fight to Isis. Most of all I want to do away with political correctness completely that is what is allowing terrorist to easily attack anywhere they want.