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Trump next target

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Trump next target

Comments for: Trump next target
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: December 28, 2015 08:13AM

It seems to me with political correctness common sense goes out the window. The common denominator with radical Islam is Islam. If terrorists are wanting to destroy us then we should look at Muslims very closely before allowing them entry into the US. If you don't want to stop them from coming in then we should at least stop them from coming in from the countries where radicals are very active. In police work if a 30 year old white male was seen killing someone by many witnesses the police do not go looking for 60 year old black women and 10 year old Chinese boys. It is time to start profiling again and unfortunately it must be done by religion.

I don't know if Trump will make a good president or not but I do know he can't possibly be worse than what we have or worse than the Clinton's. I would really like to see what he does with the country and the world.
Dingo Report This Comment
Date: December 28, 2015 11:11PM

Why not mention how Hillary talked about getting a client off on charges of raping a 12 year old virgin girl, putting her in a coma, and she was rendered incapable of having children- ever.
Hillary laughed about getting him freed on a technicality. It made the news, but it's buried and forgotten by the press now. Who's had the biggest footprint on the war on women?
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2015 08:08AM

We have seen what happens with a pussy apologist as president now we need to let a strong American try it. It is time for America to get out of the back seat and start driving. I don't really care who does it as long as they put America first, tightly secure our borders and start weeding out the illegals regardless of their nationality. We can not have more of the same for even 4 more more years and I believe a democrat will be more of the same. I am an Arkansan and I don't want Hillary anywhere near the white house because she is a liar and a manipulator. We really don't need a woman because the President has to deal with the middle east and they have no respect for women so woman wouldn't be able to handle them very well at all. I believe this is in part why Hillary had a poor track record as Secretary of State.
Chomp Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2015 10:15AM

mmmmm.......big topic guys.

I'm watching this from another country and to think that Trump would be an effective leader cannot be taken seriously from here.

Ok, I understand it's your homeland but one thing I do know about American politics is that even if you have been elected President
that does not mean you will be allowed to lead the country. Obama has had his hands tied behind his back from day one because the
Republicans still have too much power in the senate and he has had countless bills blocked that if passed, would of made a real positive impact in the US and abroad.

So yes, it has in part made him look incompetent but they may as well left George W in power because the same cronies that worked for him
are still calling most of the shots in the senate - including dictating the leaders of the US military. (I witnessed this in part when working there a couple of years ago)

No matter which counties stop Muslims from living there, doing so displays political fear but on the other hand if those countries still allow them in,
it continues to feed an ever growing army of extremists that have the potential to change, if not destroy, the face of a nation.

It's starting to look like some of those old predictions in the bible are coming true, just not in the exact way as it was written. 666
Robert Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2015 07:18PM

People in other countries only get fed the media pap about Obama that will make him look good.
The economy in the US has never recovered from the recession, over 30% of the population are not working.
The health care plan was unworkable and unfunded from the start and was passed against the opposition of the majority of the population.
There are 20-30 million illegal immigrants in this country (30% of the population of Mexico) and Obama wants to leave the borders open.
No one knows the actual number of people that have entered this country,there could be a million terrorist and no one would know.
Obama has been an utter disaster.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: December 30, 2015 08:22AM

You are right Robert the world is only shown the news with a left spin to it because mainstream media is in lockstep with the administration and the democratic party. This i why the rest of the world has a low opinion of Bush. Odamna has done much with his pen and is not afraid to use it. He has used executive action numerous times and would never stop until he leaves office (hopefully he leaves when his time is up).

If Trump gets elected he would also likely be followed by a republican congress and senate so he would not be blocked on most things he would want to do in office. The main things I would like to see him do would be to close the border (build a wall), renegotiate some deals Odamna put in place and increase the size of our military. I would also like to see him reinstate the draft but that's not likely to happen because most young people in this country are too chicken shit to serve in the military. I served during the draft and it didn't hurt me in fact I think it made me a better person.
Chomp Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2016 08:03AM

Jgoins, Robert, point taken.

But seriously, Donald Trump???

I live in Australia and we may have already shown the world
an example of what happens when you let rich guys enter the political arena.

We've got a guy out here called Clive Palmer who is also an eccentric billionaire entrepreneur who bought his way into our political system.
(Palmer United Party) Although (to keep it simplified) our politics differ somewhat to the US plus on the global scale
we're a lot smaller and are not a powerful country however,
Palmer created his own political party only to get everyone on side that he needs to help make his companies grow larger.
And this is why he became a senator (where they pass all the bills) and not a front line politician in the House of Reps, right?

Sounds kinda the same thing with Trump and as you mentioned, if elected, he would have the backing of both the senate and congress
to pass whatever bills he likes - that's dangerous.

So this is why most people cannot take Trump seriously.
No matter what you think of Obama, he is and has always been a professional politician,
for better or worse......Trump is a professional rich guy and as we all know, money talks.

But buying your way into politics doesn't make you a politician (good or bad). The two just don't mix.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2016 08:50AM

Having a President who does nothing but destroy the country isn't working either. Maybe it is time for a change. We here in the US need more secure borders before we can take on the job of killing terrorist. If we don't know who is in this country that might attack us here how can we help to protect others in the world?

I don't know if Trump can do the job or not but I would be willing to give him a shot at least he would be better than this do nothing chimp we have right now. Isis cannot be destroyed by air power alone. We will need boots on the ground and it will need to be an overpowering force. There were a few candidates who spoke about this force but none of them spoke much about securing our borders except Trump. Along with all the other issues the new President will need to be able to deal with a nuclear Iran, thank you Odamna.
Robert Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2016 01:38PM

Contrary to what the news media reported in other countries, the Bush years were good here in the States.
Since Obama has taken over the income of the average American adjusted for inflation has dropped.
Over 80% of back teens in some areas have never had a job and the only way they can make money is by selling drugs,selling drugs is dangerous so they have guns and kill each other.
Obama has unnecessarily spent over a billion dollars on himself during his first years of presidency.
He is encouraging insane environmental laws like waters of the Americas that can send you to prison for catching water running off of your house in a rain barrel.
If you vote for Hillary Clinton you vote for a Crime family.
She was one of the people behind a real-estate scam targeting elderly people.
She used insider trading information to make money off of the stock markets.
She used basic thuggery to hide her husband being accused of rape, and now says she champions women's rights
Her and her husband have a 300 million dollar charity that they use for their own slush fund, donation are from the Saudis,Iranians and about every other form of despot government.
She got the people at the embassy killed while trying to hide her incompetence.
So why not Trump ?
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2016 03:14PM

Trumps campaign, unlike any other run for the presidency has yet to have even spent $1M in advertising. Being a sharp businessman he's let his media presence do all that for him, while spending almost nothing out of the $1B he claimed he'd be willing to spend out of his own pocket. He doesn't even accept donations to his campaign for the purpose of purchasing ads, yet does allow monies to be collected to cover campaign venue expenses, again, something no candidate of either party can lay claim to.

His support is broad based covering segments from nearly every facet of the American political landscape, yet resoundingly so with many blue collar folks due to his "say what you mean, and mean what you say" stance. Most Americans have grown incredibly fatigued of the nonsensical constraints of PC speech, which gains him a huge following on those grounds alone.

Trump, like every other politician, gains or loses support from what they proclaim they will or won't support if they're elected. His biggest difference is he's saying things many of us know need doing, yet the same topics and policy ideas are things the professional politicians refuse to broach. Whether he succeeds in his run or not, he has at least forced conversations on many topics the other candidates refused to comment on, yet now have no way to logically avoid.

Many of us have grown weary of Obozos attempts to rule by decree when he can't get congressional backing to support his goals, which is far outside the authority granted his office. Similarly, we're tired of his never ending demeaning of American life and culture, deciding what laws will and will not be enforced, pandering to his political donors and let's not forget having already more than doubled the national debt, while insuring that total will continue to climb throughout the rest of his term, as well as afterwards through policies he and his democratic congress have shoved down our throats.

But, back to Trump ...

He's not my preferred candidate, but if it's between he and Hilary Clinton, shit man, there's no fuckin way I'd vote for that lying POS hag!

Obozo hasn't failed to ram through even more of his agenda because of a stacked republican congress, in fact, for the 1st part of his term, the dems held the majority in both houses. The reason he largely failed to push through more than he has is that even his own democrat caucus failed to support his ideologies.

At this point in his term the fallout among dems for those who have supported him is really taking its toll as they are either refusing to seek re-election or are likely to be run out in the upcoming primaries. The democratic party has already lost literally thousands of seats to republicans or independents in local, state and federal positions in the last several years as the electorate has rejected their ideologies and support of Obozo.

All the above dudn much really matter though with the repubs and independents having taken back the majority of congressional seats yet still handing Obozo just about everything he's asked for, much to the chagrine of the electorate that placed them in office over promises to do otherwise.

For these reasons, many in the electorate have come to believe only a non-politician is the answer for our next president, which again explains a good bit of Trumps support base.
Robert Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2016 03:53PM

Tactically speaking .
Obama follows the rules used by looters.
Surround yourself with other looters, so that what you do doesn't stand out,set fires to distract attention and pretend that you had no knowledge of how what you caused happened,and pretend to be outraged at what the bad people did.
Obama, Looter in chief.

I want to vote for someone who is not a lawyer or a politician .
I would rather have an amateur liar and thief in office than a trained professional.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2016 07:21AM

I am really curious to see what might happen if Trump is still in the lead come convention time. Will the Republican establishment allow him to be the Republic candidate for President or will they use some shenanigans to put a a more establishment candidate in place? If Trump doe run against Hilary will the majority of the American people see Hilary's deceit and not vote for her our will ignore common sense and just vote against Trump to remain politically correct? I really hope the majority of the voting public is tire of being politically correct and wants to put a stop to it. Hopefully this tumor hasn't become malignant and can be removed.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2016 10:52PM

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 03, 2016 07:12AM

I don't put bumper stickers on my vehicles but this one I would make an exception for. I would love to have one.
Chomp Report This Comment
Date: January 06, 2016 09:53AM

Interesting comments guys.

Remember Bush was in with the Saudi's too........

But hey, that's alright cause if Trump doesn't get in, you'll have another Bush anyway I'd say.
Which ever way it goes this time round, it's gonna be a scary ride - no matter who's in charge.

Can't help thinking we're entering a new form of "dark age" that no one on this planet has ever experienced before.

Hold on tight and watch your back! Maybe this is why we've got Arnie on the TV telling us to play Mobile Strike........
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 07, 2016 08:13AM

Yes it is going to be a scary ride because Odamna has brought the country to the brink of destruction and allowed Isis to grow into the powerful terror network it has become. I really don't know who can bring us back but I do know we don't need 4 more years of Odamna with Hilary. Maybe we do need the polar opposite of Odamna to bring us back to normal.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: January 07, 2016 10:01PM

Jeb Bush dudn have a chance in hell. His popularity is about nil with anyone but the repub elitists and the donor class. With his wobbly 3-4% polling numbers, if the convention nominated him as the candidate I'll pencil in Ron Paul again!

Another of Trumps draws is that he can't BE bought, which makes him unequalled in that regard.eliitests
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 08, 2016 07:03AM

I hope that if Trump gets the nomination the American people get out and vote against Hilary. We can always hope Hilary gets arrested for treason but I doubt it. I suspect the establishment will not allow Trump to be nominated, they will pull some sort of shenanigan to stop him regardless of how much support he has from the people. If he runs as an independent it will guarantee Hilary the election. I really would like to see what will happen with Trump as President. Would he be able to get anything done or would the establishment in congress work against him? Would he have to resort to using his pen like Odamna has or will the congress and senate get the hint from the election and do what the public wants?