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Still haven't found what I'm looking for

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Still haven't found what I'm looking for

Comments for: Still haven't found what I'm looking for
pulse Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2013 02:08AM

Those look like the seats from a Supra
Onyma Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2013 02:44AM

Center console is correct too... looks to be a MKIV.
pulse Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2013 07:16AM

I miss my Supra. Never had the blonde in it when I owned it. Well it did (my ex), but not that one...
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2013 10:13AM

Poor pulse ... sniff, sniff spinning
smiley sticking its tongue out

Reminds me of a story from my old oil company days:

One of my customers owned a truckin company that hauled cars and was approached by a local exotic dealer who needed 2 new Ferarris and a Lambo hauled out to Cali for EPA/DOT certification.

He told the cat, sure, but upon return he wanted cash only for payment, to which the customer agreed.

So, his driver hauled 'em out and back and my old customer went with him to the dealership to collect when he delivered 'em.

As the driver starts unloadin 'em he tells him to leave the last Ferarri on the truck till he gets back out from gettin his $$ and heads into the cats office to collect.

The guys says "Sure, I have your check right here." but my customer tells him "CASH was our deal and I ain't takin a fuckin check, so you better get to the bank and get me my cash!".

The guy admits he can't do that so my customer told him "Ok, I'm takin that last Ferarri back on my truck and when you get the cash, you'll get your car."

He takes the car back to their yard and has 'em offload it. That evenin his 17 yr old son stops by the yard and is droolin over the Ferarri and asks his Dad if he can take it out that night?

The guy had secured an interim insurance policy on the car and figures sure, why not, so turns this kid loose with the Ferarri for the night.

Th next mornin the guy is watchin Tv at the house and decides to have a look at the Ferarri to make sure it's Ok, so he goes out and sees no dents, scratches or anything and then opens the door to make sure the interior's Ok.

He finds a pair of panties, 2 bras and a girls shoe inside and KNOWS his boy obviously had put this arrest-me-red pussy magnet to good use, goes in the house and gets a big brown paper grocery bag, puts all these treasures in it and then folds the bag over and puts it on the counter in the kitchen, then settles back in his recliner to watch a football game.

Some time later his son gets up and comes wanderin into the livin room and my customer tells him "Hey, I need another beer, can you get me one outta that bag on the counter in the kitchen?".

The kid heads to the kitchen, comes back and hands his Dad a cold one from the fridge as they exchange knowing grins of the contents of the bag rock on