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When men were men

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When men were men

Comments for: When men were men
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: April 08, 2013 06:25AM

Hell yeah, give the poor men back their damned tires (headexplode)

I am giddy with anticipation for what could come of F-1s (re)association with boosted engines. Though it typically takes years to do so, there will surely be trickle down technological advances. As it should be, racing once more will be improving the breed ... for all us boost heads smileys
with beer

pulse Report This Comment
Date: April 08, 2013 09:03AM

There was a chance for me to be in the US, and head over to Texas too in May .. but it's 6 months early for the GP. Damn shame.

Maybe next year. I'd love to go to the New Jersey GP if they get that off the ground, too.

The new engines sound very interesting, I'm actually looking forward to returning to the return of the turbocharged engines, but they won't be like the "1500bhp monster" of Senna's days - as great as that would be.

Speaking of Senna, love this tribute Top Gear did:
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: April 08, 2013 06:56PM

An interesting look at Senna indeed and for those who never had the chance to see him turning laps at spectacular times, as he often did, it's a nostalgic peek at a true F-1 legend.

I always admired him for his ballz and hated him for the same facet of his egomaniacal personality as the same drive that put and kept him in the lead of many races was his gonzo style of take it all, or lose everything, and the other racers on the track be damned. There was a hint of that in the vid where they were talking about other drivers gettin out of his way on qualifying laps so as not to be the driver to have spoiled Sennas qualifying "performance".

Though I admired him I certainly felt it fitting that he died racing for the Williams-Renault team he'd initially offered to have piloted their car for free, just so he could ditch his team at McLaren and jump on the then dominant cars bandwagon in doing so.

For my money, Schumacher (in his hey day) was the finest F-1 driver I ever saw. Some of the passes I saw him make rate up there with the finest maneuvering of a car on a race track by anyone ever, the biggest difference was he did it with style and ability and seldom made his fellow track companions choose between crashing out and losing their position, which was what Senna did constantly. I also saw him put on some stunning performances on slicks in the rain that also showed how absolutely in control of the cart he was.

I'd like to have seen a race between Senna in a Williams-Renault and Schumacher in a Ferarri .... in the rain, but sadly Sennas flame was snuffed out due to a fly-by-wire steering malfunction before that race could have ever taken place disappointed smiley

pulse Report This Comment
Date: April 09, 2013 05:51AM

That tribute was slightly cut from the real episode - in the real one they had Lewis Hamilton take the car for a spin after they showed it. It's still good though.

Yeah it would've been great to be able to see Senna v Schumacher (at least with Schumacher in the Ferrari, not the Benetton). I'm not quite sure who I'd choose as my top driver. I really only started watching F1 in about 96/97 that I can remember (always used to be a night owl, even though I was in high school then, as it was always on delayed around midnight here). I started really following it properly around 2000 though.

I just don't know who I'd put as my #1. It probably would be Senna, though I could be convinced otherwise. I don't think any driver of the current era is right up there (though I think Raikkonen and Alonso would be the better ones).

Senna's qualifying was stunning though, and his driving at Monaco was always amazing.