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uh huh

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uh huh

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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: March 16, 2013 10:52AM

David has given powerful anti-gun speeches since Sandy Hook, making the media tour. Little did we know he is an actor and his wife, Francis, is personal assistant to Maureen White, the finance chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee. We seem to have some major deception going on with Sandy Hook. This was planned well in advance to disarm us.
The infamous couple David Wheeler and Francine Lobis-Wheeler. Putting on quite an act at the Sandy Hook Promise press conference, in fact, they made a spectacle of themselves. Pushing hard for gun control on the premise of the “dead children,” there was plenty of body language and facial expressions, which belied the fraud.
Francine is a singer, actress, songwriter and teacher who has designed music and movement programs for babies and preschoolers. Moreover, look at this: according to the New York Times ”Ms. Lobis, 34, works in New York as the personal assistant to Maureen White, the finance chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. Here is the screenshot of the Times write-up confirming this:
The Times article does give some historicals. Let’s look at this close-up: go to link -
It would appear that the DNC used one of its understudies, an expendable, to do its dirty deeds. Thus, eventually, according to the Post, “Benjamin’s family moved to Newtown last Apri,.”see photo supplied by the paper below. Did they arrive there at Obama’s behest? Surely, it wouldn’t have been by coincidence. Moreover, certainly, if he would have just moved there, barely six months prior, wouldn’t that have been the most horrible experience conceivable? Think about it. Living in New York, safe and sound, only to come down to quaint Newtown to have your son gunned to death by a madman. That’s plenty of reason to be in shock and filled with remorse. However, that was nonexistent. Nothing, not even a tear, not even a bit of shock, not even some paleness, some redness in the eyes, some exhaustion: nothing? Truly, wouldn’t a person go mad, for a beautiful child like this to have been killed.
This family photo looks contrived. Regardless, how are we supposed to believe he died, when all we get is evidence like this?
Oh, but, after all, the drama is so grand that the Boy Scouts get in on the act, giving the ol’ 21 hand salute. Cathy Gaubert begged for her child’s photo, Lily Gaubert, to be taken down, when it was erroneously associated with a death. As a true mother would she did everything in her power to get that fraudulently posted picture down. How is allowing a child’s photo, Benjamin Wheeler, to be used in this way, fully photoshopped for drama, normal? See her heart-felt pleading, here: 2
Gaubert was in a panic merely over a fraudulently posted picture, one attributed to purported Sandy Hook victim Allison Wyatt. Where is the panic in Sandy Hook over 26 bloody corpses blown to smithereens? No wonder no one believes it.
If you really wanted to ban those guns, at least you should show a few bodies: the more macabre the better. Yet, all we get are photos, and not just real ones but, rather, the enhanced versions.
What more proof, then, can there be anything more bizarre than this? Is this how a mother reacts to losing such a beautiful being, or is this normal, only for Sandy Hook?
The face isn’t altered. It isn’t ‘shopped.’ Try to find some sadness here. See any? You see the opposite, don’t you? How about some pallor, distress, or anguish. Did humankind just undergo a face-lift? Does anybody have an explanation for that facial expression other than fraud? Here’s more:
Ever seen anything like that before? If you look at the video close up, the one made by Scott Walker, the reason for all the faces is evident. She’s trying to prevent herself from bursting out in laughter. It’s not a pile of lipstick; it’s heavy-duty contortion of the circumoral muscles to prevent a guffaw. Moreover, look at that scoundrel on the far right, Mr. Barden. Who is he fooling with that put-on grief? Barden wants the guns sent to the crusher. So does Mr. and Mrs. DNC.
So, the question is what happened to this young boy? Surely, since he wasn’t killed he must be alive. But, where? In New York or Florida?
However, what about all the flowers and those white coffins? This, too, is a ruse. What a shame, the whole country is suffering from a concerted attack by a pack of criminals, yanking people’s emotional chains, therefore displays such as this:
The time line regarding these actors is crucial. The Phelps (is this their real name?) arrive sometime late in 2010, possibly later. Who knows if they were ever there at all, that is until this event. Regarding the Wheelers, they’re newbies arriving, as mentioned. Rosen seems to be a long-term resident. Parker: there is confusion there. No one seems to know of him, other than CNN.
Yet, here is the point. There are numerous actors definitely known, and they are not just any Newtown/Sandy Hook residents. Rather, they are crucial players in the scam, the oft-interviewed Gene Rosen, the Hochsprung eulogizers, Nick and Laura Phelps (likely an alias), the infamous, money-grubbing grief-stricken actor, Robbie Parker. Add the Wheeler professional actor guild to the crowd, and that makes a grand total of six. That’s huge. That means that anyone who claims to be a prominent Sandy Hook individual, an oft-interviewed witness or ‘authority,’ is likely an actor, too. In other words, a phony.
Six exposed, plenty more to go.
To have such a large population of actors directly associated with the event, actually, the major players, the major ones interviewed on the networks, as well as actual parents, cannot be deemed normal, not when added to an entire host of another anomalies. There are purportedly 20 fathers of the named children. Two are now proven as bona fide actors. Two of the networks main interviewees, Gene Rosen and the Phelps’s, are experienced actors.
The whole thing is a scam of unprecedented proportions. Americans have no idea how greatly they are being taken. The Zionist war machine is working overtime to crush them.
Many thanks to the freedom-loving efforts of the countless truthseekers on the Internet. Without their efforts, this write-up would not be possible.
Note: the real nature of the Soto clan is coming up. The evidence against them is glaring and definitive.
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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: March 16, 2013 10:53AM

i can't wait for Blurf's blatant disregard without even checking this one out. smiling
bouncing smiley
quasi Report This Comment
Date: March 16, 2013 11:45AM

Never mind about blurf.
Wow, the plan could have been concocted 30 years ago by actor, um, President Ronald Reagan. And if it's a conspiracy, why not one by the gun and ammunition industry to boost sales - that seems to be working well. And, oh my God, isn't Colt Firearms based in Connecticut?

Looks to me like a small clique of actors managed to get connected in a Connecticut town away from the big city (people from or working in NY living in CT is far from a new thing) and enrolled their kids in a good school there. Wrong place, wrong time happens all the time and does not a conspiracy make. The cospiracy theorists are as deluded as the opportunistic people who think they can stop shootings in the U.S. by banning guns. Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: March 16, 2013 12:22PM

ya gotta love NRA false flag propaganda. they're still in their infancy compared to Demochimps.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 17, 2013 06:46AM

The problem is that people want the government to do something to try and prevent any more of these shootings. What the people don't understand is that the government can't do anything except pass laws. Since they can't pass any laws that will prevent people from becoming insane they try to prevent insane people from getting guns by trying to remove them from existence. The more accepted method is to go after guns instead of trying to make it more difficult to get guns into the schools. What happens after they get assault weapons banned? Does anyone think they will stop there? Will they go after our handguns? Will they go after all guns to complete their agenda?