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Ohio Rape Case - Inside Job

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Ohio Rape Case - Inside Job

Comments for: Ohio Rape Case - Inside Job
Mach Report This Comment
Date: January 05, 2013 07:13PM


Here's some samples....

LocalLeaks has confirmed that Sheriff Abdalla and Head Football Coach Reno A. Saccoccia have breakfast a couple of times a week together at the Spot Bar in Steubenville. Recall that per Sheriff Abdalla’s own admission in the video interview above, it was he who was tasked with retrieving the cell phones and other electronic gear from the football players and other students involved in the gang rape of the young girl. In the process of this operation to retrieve the cell phones, several KEY pieces of video and photographic evidence were “inadvertently” deleted by the Sheriff and his deputies. And finally, Sheriff Abdalla runs the largest illegal gambling operation in Jefferson County – employing bookies who work out of the Spot Bar as well as other establishments in Steubenville. Sheriff Abdulla’s brother is the largest importer of cocaine in Jefferson County. His brother was also a teacher, that is until he was caught having sex with a student and was fired.

The Honorable Jane Hanlin is a Prosecuting Attorney for Jefferson County and the mother of Big Red football player Charlie Keenan, who is suspected of being a member of “The Rape Crew”. Jane Hanlin represented Edward “Eddie” Lulla in a civil legal matter this summer (spending a great deal of time with him). Mr. Lulla is an agent for the BCI who was sent by the State of Ohio to lend oversight to the rape investigation in Steubenville. Not surprisingly, the State of Ohio found everything to be going smoothly. In addition, “Eddie” Lulla’s son was recently chosen to join Steubenville Police Department out of a pool of three candidates. When ranked, his son was not the first candidate. It is crystal clear why Mr. Lulla was unable to find anything wrong with the current investigation (which is being conducted by SPD) into this horrible crime.
LLL Report This Comment
Date: January 05, 2013 07:26PM

He admits his guilt....