I'm Batman

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I'm Batman

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BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: March 10, 2012 04:02PM

I'd rather be Superman to be honest. Batman is a fucking wimp compared to the Man Of Steel! (matrix)

There should be a flying Dark Klown smiley. And flaming flying monkeys.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: March 10, 2012 04:12PM

Batman uses his intelligence and creativity to fight evildoers - and he has a cool car. Superman is just a musclebound ET that can fly.

Yeah, I'd rather be Superman too. I get to have a cave like Batman, though, not just a man cave, a superman cave.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: March 10, 2012 06:10PM

WTF? You've gotta be Batman, or Ironman.
Afterall, they have the most awesome super power of all the heroes...
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: March 10, 2012 06:15PM

supertwit is easily defeated with a little green rock from the home world.
brawn Vs. brains, guess who wins. (taunt)
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: March 11, 2012 07:22AM

I would rather be superman, among all his super powers he also has xray vision. I would be using it all the time to see girls naked. If I need money just take it away from the criminals I bust or just fly around the solar system and find gold and rare minerals on other planets. There is so much more you can do with super speed, flight, super strength, xray vision, heat vision and invulnerability.