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Eyeball to Eyeball

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Eyeball to Eyeball

Comments for: Eyeball to Eyeball
Onyma Report This Comment
Date: September 02, 2011 12:39PM

To get all philosophical for a moment... it's interesting when you look at this from the diversity of life aspect. In one photo you have a creature with one of the highest metabolic rates on the planet along with one of the lowest. One with some of the most highly evolved flight appendages compared to another who has no appendages and moves by undulating body muscles. An herbivore and a carnivore. Yet both came from the same beginnings and at their core function the same way. Nature is pretty amazing when you stop and ponder it.

Ok, enough of that. I'm going back to look at the boobs photo from yesterday and ponder those again for awhile.

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BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: September 02, 2011 12:55PM

Yeah, the dizzying array of natural mysteries and black holes and quantum physics makes staring at boobs seem even more appealing. I'm sure some one could come along and try to spoil that pastime with science too though. Fortunately the natural attraction to boobs will undoubtedly override science. Boobs win.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 02, 2011 03:37PM

I mean really man, what's NOT to like about boobs smiling
bouncing smiley

But, there are plenty of other pretty interesting things in the world too ..... just not many quite as titillating as a sweet pair of mams Dancing
Green Banana! smileys
with beer grinning

GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: September 02, 2011 07:42PM

Science and boobs but not spoiling it like BlahX3 was concerned about.
BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: September 02, 2011 09:49PM

I was joking around but that's a good bit and I've seen it before. I always knew looking at boobs was a good thing. Besides, it's not our fault for looking considering they stick right out there like they do. I think that if God didn't want men to ogle women then He shouldn't have made them so damn good looking.