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Comments for: Buh-bye
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 06:57AM

Now we will never be able to get Odamna out of office. He will claim this kill and people will believe the president is the one who did it even though he had nothing to do with it.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 07:37AM

And buried the body at sea, perfect for starting the rumors he's not really dead and conspiracy theories. How stupid was that?
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 08:07AM

the world is a gullible bunch of fools. smiling
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Onyma Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 10:46AM

Odd that they buried him at sea, though the immediate burial was probably smart. The simple proof that he's dead will be that if he isn't you'll see a video from him inside a couple weeks going 'nah nah, missed me'. Bin Laden wouldn't miss the opportunity to make the US look like morons. No video in a few weeks and I'd say some Navy Seal has a really nice kill to his credit.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 12:43PM

He couldn't be buried because of the possibility of his grave becoming a shrine. If we had brought his body back here that would be ammunition for more claims of evil Satan America. I am sure they collected DNA, finger prints, dental impressions and all sorts of evidence to conclusively prove it was him prior to disposing of his body. The conspiracy theorists wouldn't believe it even if they were the ones who shot him. My problem with this news is that it will put a feather in Odamna's hat and it will bring about a call for the war on terrorists to be over which should not end just yet. This will also bring about complacency which will leave us open to more attacks and more lives lost. Undoubtedly there will be video tapes or audio tapes which he recorder prior to his demise to be released after his death, he was a madman but he was very smart. This is far from over and I wait to see what the reaction will be from the middle east.
GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: May 02, 2011 02:20PM

He'll be missed about as much as I'd miss taking out my eye with a blunt spoon. It was supposedly a capture or kill operation - given what he orchestrated - and not just Sept 11 - I think the chance of US soldiers (and I am assuming, special forces soldiers) taking him alive was next to nothing. Not that that is a bad thing - let his last thoughts and feelings be fear for his life.

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jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 03, 2011 06:10AM

From what I heard on the news from Odamna it was a kill order with no attempt to capture. Which is as it should be.