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Safety Over Liberty?

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Safety Over Liberty?

Comments for: Safety Over Liberty?
quasi Report This Comment
Date: November 20, 2010 07:53AM

As Patrick Henry is often quoted as saying, "Give me liberty or give me death," and those could very well be the choices in today's world of airline travel. That said, it's impossible to fully scrutinize every possible venue where a terrorist attack might happen. In a way we're fortunate with the fixation on aircraft and large buildings but think of all the regularly scheduled, large public gatherings with virtually no security that are held everywhere all the time. I'm not advocating TSA type security everywhere because it would be wrong as well as impossible to carry out, but I'm very suprised there haven't yet been multiple, simultanious attacks on venues in the US on say a Friday night or Sunday morning. There are a lot of easy targets out there.
Mach Report This Comment
Date: November 21, 2010 05:15AM

You're very surprised?

That's because you fell for the "terrorism" that you were fed for years.

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 21, 2010 06:56AM

Just ignore Mach Quasi. I too am surprised there haven't been terrorist attacks like in Israel right here in America. There are so many locales where there is absolutely no security, I guess the war on terror is having an effect on terrorists. Go ahead Mach spill your drivel now.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: November 21, 2010 09:28AM

Mach just can't resist the juvenile name calling these days, the sign of a small mind that only detracts from his credibility. It is curious that so many easy targets have been left untouched but I don't pay much attention to arguments made by folks with gradeschool mentality.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: November 21, 2010 10:29AM

no terrorism in this world.....nothing to see here....move along