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Car of the Future

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Car of the Future

Comments for: Car of the Future
SkullandChains Report This Comment
Date: March 24, 2010 08:51PM

It might look like something out of a sci-fi show, but this is what some people hope will be the car of the future.

It's called the EN-V and it's made by American car company General Motors, and a Chinese firm called SAIC. The 'green' car runs on electricity so it doesn't pollute the air.

And it's so small that five of them fit into one normal parking space. It measures just 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres. TINY!

General Motors hope we'll all be driving around in these in the future. Imagine that?!
anon Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2010 07:29AM

and look, it's already conveniently crunched so it'll fit nicely in the next chain crash in the motorway...
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2010 11:42AM

From the looks of thing they'd have to outlaw speed bumps for this thing to be able to navigate a friggin parking lot.

Wonder how many millions in R&D/govt investment $$$$$ (since GM aka Government Motors is involved) this exercise in illogical and impractical transportation option futility cost us handjob


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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2010 01:14PM

and to think that throwing smart cars in the river was fun and easy.....
SkullandChains Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2010 04:07PM

I wouldn't buy any vehicle out there that didn't have at least 350 ponies. smiling
bouncing smiley
quasi Report This Comment
Date: March 25, 2010 11:00PM

Not all electricity is non-polluting; if I had to guess I'd say that most electrical generating plants are polluters though the power required to run plug in electric vehicles may generate less pollution than internal combustion engines. What happens to the grid and the pollution levels when everyone has electric vehicles?
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: March 26, 2010 03:19AM

LMFAO....what a pile of shit!the finger
smiley Although it would be kinda like fucking a fat chick...a lot of fun until your friends see you with one.

Hell, I'd rather pedal around on my 25 year old Schwinn road bike than be seen drivng one of these things.
ORLANDO399 Report This Comment
Date: March 26, 2010 11:19AM

At least the gas prices would finally go down