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Prez Obama

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Prez Obama

Comments for: Prez Obama
SkullandChains Report This Comment
Date: January 16, 2010 06:20PM

"Today, even though President Obama is against off shore drilling for our country, he signed an executive order to loan 2 Billion of our taxpayers dollars to a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company (which is the 8th largest company in the entire world) to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil ! The oil that comes from this operation is for the sole purpose and use of China and NOT THE USA ! Now here's the real clincher...the Chinese government is under contract to purchase all the oil that this oil field will produce, which is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil".
We have absolutely no gain from this transaction whatsoever!

Wait, it gets more interesting.
Guess who is the largest individual stockholder of this Brazilian Oil Company and who would benefit most from this? It is American BILLIONAIRE, George Soros, who was one of President Obama's most generous financial supporter during his campaign.
If you are able to connect the dots and follow the money, you are probably as upset as I am. Not a word of this transaction was broadcast on any of the other news networks!

Forward this factual e-mail to others who care about this country and where it is going. Also, let all of your Government representatives know how you feel about this.
Below is the Wall street Journal article to confirm this. []
Monster1 Report This Comment
Date: January 17, 2010 01:13PM

One more for the famous SNL C-Span skit.... drinking
(I'd sure love Palin to nail it!)
David Duke Report This Comment
Date: January 17, 2010 03:03PM

Watch my latest video on who rules America.

Seeker Report This Comment
Date: January 18, 2010 05:44AM

I saw the David Duke video. I assume most of what he says is documentable. However, Hitler said something equivalent to this in his book "Mein Kampf". This resulted in a hatred towards the jews in Germany during the economic depression of the 1930s and eventually the holocaust.
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: January 18, 2010 11:03AM

Posted by: SkullandChains

"Today, even though President Obama is against off shore drilling for our country yadda yadda yadda...."

so what you're saying is, obama is a politician? eye popping
smiley egads! who knew?? (*horse*)