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Outta the mouths of babes, well ... sorta :>)

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Outta the mouths of babes, well ... sorta  :>)

Comments for: Outta the mouths of babes, well ... sorta :>)
Onyma Report This Comment
Date: December 28, 2009 07:21PM

Hate to tell you m'dear, they were all already spent many years ago.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: December 28, 2009 08:50PM

True, true, but at least in the reality I live in, when the bank account is sitting at $0, much less at -$12,000,000,000,000 I can't decide to go out and spend more of what I obviously don't have.

Sadly, politicians seem to reside in some bizarro reality where such simple rules of sound economic policy aren't required to be employed, much less adhered to.

Another facet of the bizarro realm of politics that totally evades my sense of reason is that, let's say I wanna build a factory, but the locals are against me doing so, and make that well known, so I bribe the officials in charge of granting permits for such things and I get caught doin it, I'll be thrown in jail. In congressional matters, congresspeople can openly and publicly have their votes bought off (WITH the taxpayers own funds which damned sure doesn't even belong to those bandying all this $$ about) and it's not even considered a crime at all! Hell no, it's lauded as a victory for the democracy totally

It's just amazing how theft and manipulation of taxpayer $$$ is so commonplace that no one even seems to notice it anymore (*facepalm*)

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2009 07:14AM

Congress has done all things which most Americans object to and yet I predict they will win re-election next year. The think our troops will be brought home just before the mid term elections and the majority of Americans will be so distracted by that move, they will vote for the the politicians who are in office because of it. The majority of people in the country are just too dimwitted and will not be able to see that the return of our troops will only be a political move. This is why the healthcare was rushed though now so people will forget about it by next November and to help in that regard our troops are being kept over there now so they can be brought home at just the right time. Don't fall for it people.
Harvey Wallbanger Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2009 06:08PM

MRkim "It's just amazing how theft and manipulation of taxpayer $$$ is so commonplace that no one even seems to notice it anymore "

I don't think that anyone is missing this fact. But not so sure anyone knows what to do about it. EVERYONE i know feels the same way, but nobody knows what to do about it. Shall we revolt? Take to the streets, hills, caves? If anyone says change the entire congress etc.. vote out the status quo, they are just being stupid. It is a matter of do you want your rights taken away with plan red, or plan blue. Do you want to get cheated and taxed and run over by the red team or the blue team. With only two partys i see no clear path. Any communist country could have communist party A and communist party B for example. Both of which i don't want. Running all of party A out doesnt change anything. Only the name of the party. We need many more partys in my opinion, competition has always worked to the benefit of the consumer. have a
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: December 29, 2009 08:17PM

Well said Harv smileys
with beer

The saddest truth to it all is that although many people, and I would even dare say a majority of the populace, feels much the same as you and I still the question is, what can we do?

I would say that public opinion and polls would help the congress see the light, but that ain't happenin. Or, I could say "write your congresspeople, email 'em, call 'em", but that doesn't seem to be working either as their email/mail boxes and voice mails are full to overflowing with John Qs ideas and that dudn seem to be gettin their attention either. I could even say gather together and march on the capital in an effort to be heard but that's been done too, with no result. These are the things we've been told all along to try to make our opinions known to our legislators the "right way" but to borrow a line from an old Bob Dylan song "there were ten thousand talkers and nobody listenin".

While open revolt is always a possibility, it's more than unlikely to happen. So, with all that having been said, all that any peaceloving American can do is to continue the above methods until the next round of elections and then make your opinion known at the polls, as sadly this is all we're left with.

Regarding more choices in the political parties, there's already more parties than can be counted on your fingers and toes but the only 2 of any relevance are the 2 big ones we all know. Historically even when a 3rd party candidate has arisen that sequesters a significant block of the voting public to have some impact all it ever serves to do is to take a small share away from the other 2 and at times even divides one factions voters clearly enough that it would hand the win to the other party in the process.

The Tea Bag Party is likely the 1st independent party in many years that will have a major draw in the polls next go-round and I won't begin to believe this will make any real definable difference overall. With its members basically hard right leaning members or ex-members of the Republican party, they would only truly serve to divide the Republican vote and in turn hand the win to the Democrats so they could continue their "drunken sailor hittin port" spending spree afterwards, even worse is that then they would likely feel an even BIGGER right to do so (*facepalm*)

So, if there are any other good answers or alternatives out there, I think we all could do with some help these days.

I know all the other equipment dealers and shop owners I talk to are more than just worried about our economy and the direction our government is headed these days, they're down right frightened! Many of the shops I've dealt with over the years are either gone or have downsized and/or cut salaries and overhead to try and stay in business and are struggling just to keep their doors open these days, myself included.

I've said it before but .... I initially hoped the USA could survive 8yrs of the puppetmasters policies and mismanagement but now I wonder if there'll be much left after just 4 sad smiley


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jgoins Report This Comment
Date: December 30, 2009 07:23AM

The only option we have is to vote them all out and if they do not show any change after 2 years then vote them out again and keep doing that until congress realizes that they will not keep their jobs if they don't do what "We The People" want.

There can never be a revolt in this country because we would never find enough people who would be willing to put their lives on the line to make a change of any kind. Even if we could revolt and remove our government we would never be able to find a consensus on what kind of government we should install in it's place either. Who was it on here the last few years preaching for revolt when Bush was in office and why isn't he doing it now?