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Pass on the good news

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Pass on the good news

Comments for: Pass on the good news
quasi Report This Comment
Date: November 04, 2009 11:58AM

Yep, things are movin' right along. I've been out of work since Jan. when I lost my decent paying, full time job of over 10 years. Day after tomorrow I start part time at The Home Depot for 8 bucks an hour. Whoo hoo! Am I supposed to kiss Barry's ass now? Will this be attributed to the stimulus?
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 04, 2009 02:04PM

Glad to hear you're findin at least some work buddy. The pickins here are pretty much slim to none and the equipment business has dragged to a standstill as almost no one in my industry is buyin machinery. Barely hangin on is what most of 'em will tell ya they're doin these days which means there's damned sure nothin in the kitty for new equipment aquisitions.

If there's anyway your re-employment can be tied to the "recovery" you can bet your stat will be added to the list. Big O's crap is hittin the fan in a big way these days and he is clutchin at every piece of anything he can even construe his changes have had an impact on.

While you and I, and likely anyone with good sense, wouldn't really call part time work a replacement for good full time re-employment I'd bet that still qualifies statistically as such under the current state of affairs eye rolling

Blast_Hardcheese Report This Comment
Date: November 05, 2009 10:14AM

So what have you been doing the last 11 months? Enjoying the benefits of unemployment insurance? Now say "Thank you" to the Democrats who pushed those benefits through. (*butt*)
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: November 05, 2009 02:23PM

just like a liberal asswipe....not paying attention. (*facepalm*)
quasi Report This Comment
Date: November 05, 2009 03:26PM

No unemployment benefits but my home and 2 cars are paid for because I had sense enough to not buy more than I could afford years ago and don't believe in spending my money on toys.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 06, 2009 07:42AM

My son-in-law is going to go to work next week after a year of no job but he is only able to do it because the person he is replacing is going to prison for 40 years for selling crystal meth. I thank law enforcement for this not Odamna.