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Why do we need strings on the net?

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Why do we need strings on the net?

Comments for: Why do we need strings on the net?
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 02, 2009 11:23AM


The current administration wants MORE control so ..... they want to initiate something like the Fairness Doctrine for the internet. More control, more intervention, more, more, more .... of what's absolutely NOT needed and all just so they can try to manipulate what gets posted or said hot smiley

PrOpHeT Report This Comment
Date: November 02, 2009 02:38PM

It is because the freedom and anonymity of the internet distributes a larger ration of propaganda control to the masses than any administration is comfortable with, the last and or the next will be no different.

As long as there are people in the world with opinions, governments will remain threatened.

Fear not poor hopeless citizens, your government is working as fast as they can to rectify the inconvenience of free thought for you though.

Look what just happened in Afghanistan, now if that was not a successful implementation of western democracy, then there was never one to be had.
Self electing self sustaining governments, a politician's dream come true.

Mach Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2009 02:33AM

Mrkim.... the last thing I want is any kind of Government Regulation on the Internet but I too do have a big problem with a small handful of companies owning around 90% of all the TV, Radio and News Print in our country. The FCC opened up the Media Gates even more (June 2, 2003) and said it was more freedom but really it was just more control by those certain corporate media conglomerates over what we the people are exposed to and fed on a daily basis.

Radical Revolution?

The Grave

Please... give me some answers to this problem.

Corporatism and Capitalism are 2 different things.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2009 07:08AM

If you don't like the direction the government is headed now then vote them out and send them a message this midterm election. If congress is changed completely and they still don't get the message then we may have to find a more drastic approach.
PrOpHeT Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2009 10:12AM

Now see that would be great if there were actually the power to do so.
The dilemma comes on as strong as going to the middle east and telling people blowing up one another is wrong.
It is hard to take rational action against irrational beliefs, and this issue is further exacerbated by the belief ones personal beliefs are the rational ones from both sides.
This leaves us to abandoning reason and falling back on logic, and that my friend completely excludes the chance that we could sweep the dirty floor clean with voting power alone.

Remember we are rapidly building a world where someone can be put on the spot with a question like "do you support gay marriage" on national television , and then be shredded for having an opinion that is not status quo.

That a police officer is afraid to do his job because he is of a different national origin than a suspects and fears retribution with charges of discrimination.

Where an employer has to hire less qualified people lest they be charged with the same discrimination.

And voting officials are told they have no right to attempt to verify a voters citizenship before allowing them to cast a ballot.

Why do you believe the Government is so willing to do so much to try and help everyone with everything, because after generations it builds the state of mind that it is both wanted and a necessity.

The number of men and women in this world that are of a true nature that is more than self serving is a small one indeed, and those numbers grow even smaller the closer ones proximity is to Washington.

My grandfather had a remedy for roaches that went along the lines of this...

Go to your local welfare office and get some flour.
Cast this all around your house and let the roaches eat to their hearts content,
when the flour is gone, give them no more.

And they will proceed to sit there and starve to death waiting on you to bring more.

A bitter old man, or one that simply remembered a better time in mans history?

Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2009 11:13PM

Sorry Mach, but so long as the accepted concepts of the prevention of absolute monopolies is adhered to I think that's already honestly more than the government should be allowed to be involved in industry, media or anything else. Straight up, it's just not the federal governments concern and hence not their issue to control.

I see your point and get it, really, but think about this man, You don't get to decry the governments intervention and manipulation of the market/media/society/etc. in one instance and yet laud it with responsibility for exercising such controls in another interest. Most especially so as in this issue, where constraints on the media are at the core of it, and such are again the real issue.

I think we'd be a lot better off in the end with less government and with one more focused upon the ideas and areas of our society they actually are supposed to and have actual rights to legislate and regulate, not more thumbs

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: November 04, 2009 06:39AM

Can anyone predict what life will be like here after the economy tanks and the dollar is used for toilet paper?