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Handy to have around

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Handy to have around

Comments for: Handy to have around
the jackson 4 Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2009 11:03AM

Yep, that's right! Just leave it lying around
for you kids to play with. If you're lucky, they might put a cap in your ass!
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2009 12:53PM

My daughters are both grown and on their own but both received handgun training/appreciation from me smileys
with beer

Billy Ray Bob Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2009 10:59PM

With a stupid mentality like that, jerk off 4, you'd have to lock up your circular saw and the knifes in the kitchen! "Outlaw all sharp objects.. my kids are just stupid." I doubt you have any kids, or have been around any. Probably that pesky restraining order.

You are probably one that thinks the "war on drugs" is gonna work, i think the education plan is best. Teach them how to deal with LIFE and the dangers that are involved when you misuse a tool or drug.

Or just lock them up. oh wait we're trying that to. Anything but parenting i guess huh? Teach them to drive? Teach them to use a chainsaw? I say nooooo!! lock that shit up?

dumb ass up yours
FrostedApe Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2009 12:22AM

I'm just about the poster boy for the American Gun Culture, if there even is such a thing. I've owned guns almost continuously for the last 39 years. Bought a single-shot .410 from my grandfather when I was 10. Everyone I knew had guns in their house, unless they were Commie weirdos or something. We had trucks, the trucks had gunracks in the window, and the gunracks had guns in them. At school. We took them to class for shown-and-tell. No one ever gave it a first thought, much less a second thought.

Out of all the people I have ever known, including the ones in the military, I have only personally known two that ever got shot, accidentally or otherwise. One of them got shot in the eyeball a few years ago. He was in a motel room, trying to rob drug dealers. He's lucky to be alive, and he knows it. Sort of a wake-up call, he's totally legit now, doesn't even drink anymore. The other one, he got shot in cheek, bullet came out between his jaw and his jugular. Quarter-inch in any direction, he would have been dead, too. He was invading Italy in 1943.

That's it. Two people, and I think it's fair to say they were both engaged in some pretty risky behavior at the time.

And I got hit in the lip once by a ricochet from a .22, but it didn't even break the skin. Hurt like a bitch though. If you want to count that as "getting shot", well, go ahead. For something so "dangerous", and so many of them, you'd think it would be a lot higher than two.

By the way, if you ever get the chance to spend an afternoon shooting prairie dogs with .270 Magnum, I highly recommend it. Great fun, and good for the environment.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2009 01:58PM

When I was in high school I had sme buddies in FFA (Future Farmers of America) and we'd often go down to the FFA barn at night with our shotguns and have at the rats that were always all over the place. No humans or livestock were ever hurt but the rats paid a heavy price. I hate rats and they're a hell of a lot uglier than prarie dogs though I understand what a nuisance the prarie dogs can be.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/08/2009 02:00PM by quasi.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2009 02:25PM

Frosties post above led me to ponder gun violence in my own lifetime and I can only recall one friend who was shot. A buddy of mine was workin as a bouncer after he got outta the Marines and was shot in the leg by a guys G/F while ejecting him from the club. In my family and extended families I can't recall any incidents of anyone being injured by gunfire or other violent crime weapons of choice.

However, take a quick once around in West Dallas, Oak Cliff or East Dallas and a canvassing of locals will surely reveal a much different story with respondents you'd find there able to relate to many gun related crimes and injuries. Oddly enough most of the folks livin in these areas are primarily black or mescan.

One could cry RACISM all they want about such a revelation but statistics like these are real whether "people of color" choose to admit it or not spinning
smiley sticking its tongue out

quasi Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2009 04:46PM

I hear that, MrKim. The area in which I live has very little problem with violence of any sort but the nearest town of any size is Fort Myers, Florida where most of the fairly frequent shootings are in a certain part of town and among certain groups of people there. Guess who. Profiling is unfair to the innocent but there is a very good reason why it happens and it's a shame that, as it is in so many other things, a few jerkwads have to spoil things for everyone else.
GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2009 07:16PM

Stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason. The only problem is when people are judged based on the stereotype when individually they have done nothing to deserve that judgement.

Racism is a VERY complicated issue.smileys
with beer