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Mark Webber (AUS, right) wins German F1 Grand Prix!

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Mark Webber (AUS, right) wins German F1 Grand Prix!

Comments for: Mark Webber (AUS, right) wins German F1 Grand Prix!
pulse Report This Comment
Date: July 12, 2009 10:07AM

After quite an incredible race for Mark Webber, he's won the German Grand Prix by nearly 10 seconds over team-mate Sebastian Vettel (pictured left).

Trust it to be Mark when celebrating in the car completing his final parade lap, to scream "You fucking beauty!" over the radio smiling

Stolen from F1-live:

Mark Webber overcame a questionable drive through penalty in a thrilling German Grand Prix to record his fist Grand Prix win by some margin from Red Bull Renault team-mate Sebastian Vettel. Significantly, the Milton Keynes-based team have secured their second straight one-two result as rivals Brawn Mercedes continue to struggle at this critical mid-season point.

It was not a straight forward victory for Webber however as the start saw fellow front-row starter Rubens Barrichello pulled alongside the Red Bull on the run to turn one. Webber moved to his right and light contact was made. It was a racing incident but a few laps later the team were informed that Webber, running second at the time to Barrichello, must take a drive through penalty.

A little good fortune would come to his aid however as Barrichello made his stop and found himself stuck behind Felipe Massa who was running a long first stint and therefore relatively heavy on fuel. This allowed Webber to lap quickly at the front of the field ahead of his own first stop for fuel.

Webber’s impressive pace allowed him to exit the pits close behind Barrichello and ahead of Button and when it became apparent that the Brawn Mercedes team were three-stopping both drivers, Webber knew the race was his for the taking.

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woberto Report This Comment
Date: July 12, 2009 06:10PM

28 years...
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 13, 2009 01:36AM

Nice pic dude, thanks. I can just drool all over a pic of a good F-1 car. The technology and refinement involved in these cars is nothing short of amazing.

My 1st memories of F-1 cars in the mid 60s were nothing like these. I just wish I'd have paid more attention to the "turbo years", which were in a word ... insane. With 1200hp and a ridiculous hp to weight ratio they were Oh Shit FAST and scary smileys
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