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quasi's family truckster

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quasi's family truckster

Comments for: quasi's family truckster
quasi Report This Comment
Date: July 06, 2009 10:16PM

Don’t laugh, it’s paid for, didn’t cost much when I bought it five years ago with low mileage on the odometer, and has more than earned it’s keep, especially in the aftermath of hurricane Charley when I had to haul all my tools and pull my trailer everywhere. I use it like a truck so it truly is a truckster - and it’s only 28 years old.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: July 06, 2009 10:43PM

Yeah yeah yeah, what's under the hood old man?
quasi Report This Comment
Date: July 06, 2009 10:47PM

5 litre V8 with a 2 barrel carb. Has enough power to get the job done but still gets reasonable fuel mileage, at least when it's not lugging that trailer around.
FrostedApe Report This Comment
Date: July 07, 2009 01:44AM

It's the fake paneling that really sets the whole thing off. My parents had one, but I was just a kid so I don't remember exactly what it was. It was when Dad was on his 20-year "GM-Only" kick, but that's as much as I can narrow it down. Early 70's. It had over 100k when he traded it in.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: July 07, 2009 02:27AM

Mom and Dad hauled all of us around in an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon, late 1960's vintage if I recall correctly. I thought the skylights were pretty cool.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: July 07, 2009 03:31AM

Options were limited in Australia when it came to wagons.
The Kingswood was our family car, similar to this one.

Soon after came similar crysler & ford wagons.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: July 07, 2009 08:55AM

I didn't set out to do it but over the past 30 years or so I somehow managed to have had three wagons with that fake wood paneling which I really don't care for. It just worked out that way. At least my friends all know it's me when they see me drivin' down the road in something fairly unique. My first and favorite "woody" wagon was an International, a binder thank God, which I bought in 1978. It was five years old and as I recall my payments were $49 a month.


Oh yeah, my last car was a minivan which I really loved and miss. So sue me. It was a Mercury Villager which is actually a Nissan Quest and had 230k miles on it when I sold it.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: July 07, 2009 09:49AM

These days I'm herdin along an 05 Ford Freestar minivan that my Mom had bought to deliver mail with. With big slider doors on both sides and a rear lifting back door this thing is the easiest vehicle I've ever seen for loading and unloading machine parts, tools, groceries etc. and even manages a decent 20mpg while doin it. It came with a set of shelves installed along each side in the back over the rear wheel wells. Though I've removed one set. I left the one on the drivers side where I carry spare fluids, gloves, a roll of shop towels and all manner of other lil stuff that comes in handy, my aluminum floor jack, a nice lil Husky tool set and a small 110v air compressor, all of which has come in handy from time to time.

My lil Mitsu Mirage is sittin out in front of the shop awaiting duty when gas starts its next "spiraling into the stratosphere" climb again rock on