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Lisa's bid for Hamilton Boobs on Bikes falls flat

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Lisa's bid for Hamilton Boobs on Bikes falls flat

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Date: April 18, 2009 09:27AM

An attempt by naked newsreader Lisa Lewis to bring Auckland's embattled Boobs on Bikes parade to Hamilton was thwarted by police yesterday.

Ms Lewis and two friends bared their breasts to ride along Hamilton's main street but a tip-off to police brought the motorbike stunt to a halt when an officer carried out a "routine traffic stop".

The 27-year-old part-time lap-dancer wrote to Hamilton City Council chief executive Michael Redman asking that the controversial parade be held in Hamilton tomorrow if an Auckland court banned it from Queen St.

Ms Lewis said Auckland City Council's action to have the parade scrapped went against freedom of expression and that Auckland's loss could be Hamilton's gain.

"I just think it would be good for Hamilton," she said.

"People are going to be coming into the city to see this and be part of it ... and anything that gets people into the city and opening their wallets gives shops a chance to make sales."

She said she had only had one negative comment, from her gardener, who said his wife would not approve.

In her letter to Mr Redman, Ms Lewis said "this type of event puts down-town 'Hamil-town' on the map and makes it an item of international interest".

But Mayor Bob Simcock said Hamilton's events portrayed the city as innovative and creative, and showed a strong association with education, science and outstanding businesses.

"I don't think this fits into that model. I certainly don't think the council would be going out of its way to attract or support them."

Ms Lewis and friends completed their ride with tops on, after a police warning.