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dv8 Report This Comment
Date: October 08, 2008 01:55PM

Now that Hank Paulson, The U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve have robbed American taxpayers of a sum likely to run into the trillions, the coup de grâce has arrived in the form of ex-Goldman Sachs executive Neel Kashkari, who has been appointed by Paulson to dole out the ill-gotten gains of the bailout to the rest of the corporate crooks.

Conflict of interest doesn’t even come close - the fox guarding the henhouse is a more accurate summation. And the fact that he looks like a cross between Nosferatu and a villain from a Steven Segal movie doesn’t help.

Kashkar, a former Paulson advisor to boot, has been appointed bailout czar in a move so repugnantly crony that it almost makes the Michael Brown debacle look innocent in comparison.

The fact that Paulson himself was head of Goldman Sachs before joining the Bush junta in 2006 was not enough for these people, they had to put a banker in charge of bailing out other bankers, who can now sleep soundly knowing that their multi-million dollar bonuses are in safe hands while the real economy goes down the toilet.

However, such a brazenly corrupt appointment is even waking up kool-aid drinking neo-cons and making them understand the bailout exactly for what it is, a monumental looting of the American people and the crowning of a new fiscal dictatorship run by the Federal Reserve and the private banks.
blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: October 08, 2008 02:19PM

Now that he is the man with all the money, let's hope he continues to be excessively type A and negotiates hard. That way, tax payers might get some of it back. While I agree that it is the fox guarding the hen house, sometimes when fox gets promoted to guard dog, he will fuck the hell of of the other foxes before turning his attention to the hens. Since his term runs out in January, just maybe everything will be ok.