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Obama Rage Girl

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Obama Rage Girl

Comments for: Obama Rage Girl
obama truth Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 07:21AM

Barack Hussein Obama will lay the GROUNDWORK FOR THE Apocalypse IN 2012 I have met many devils in my life.And none of them had pointy ears and carried a pitchfork. He will come as a man of Peace He will come to deceive(Rev. Jeremiah Wright show us what Obama really thinks) He will make himself the most powerful man on earth, He will try to destroy the Jewish People and Israel (Obama's spiritual adviser, is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his good buddy Louis Farrakhan, both have anti-Semitic views.) Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. barack hussein obama true name is barack husein Dunham=666 Nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anythinghid that shall not be known and come abroad Luke, 8:17 barack husein Dunham=666 first lets talk about the last name his father obama was a Muslim his mother Dunham was not,, under Muslim law they were never married. making his last name Dunham. Next last go to the middle name- Hussein or Husein Hussein is a very popular Muslim name why? because in 1831 there was a charismatic young leader named Husein Gradascevic barack husein Dunham=666 This is very important because Husein Gradascevic was called the Dragon of Bosnia barack husein Dunham=666 The Dragon Dragon appears many times in Revelation 13
obama full of shit Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 07:49AM

Barack Obama's presidential running-mate Joseph Biden told Israeli officials that they need to accept the idea Iran will acquire nuclear weapons. I don't think this is the kind of mentality that we as Americans need in Washington DC.

Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visiting Israel several years ago, told Israeli officials diplomacy and sanctions would be futile against Iran.

On Monday Israel's Army Radio reported details of the comments Biden made when he met with "senior Israeli officials behind closed doors." Reportedly Biden told the officials he opposed "opening a additional military and diplomatic front" against Iran.

"Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran," Army Radio quoted Biden as telling the Israelis. Army Radio said that at that time Israeli officials were shocked by Biden's comments.

Within Israel, a consensus across the political spectrum has developed on the Iran matter. Iran's president Ahmadinejad has stated that he will wipe Israel off the map, making clear his use of weapons of mass destruction against the Jewish state.

Biden has been an ardent supporter of the state of Israel in the Senate. His selection by Barack Obama was seen as an effort to shore up support with the U.S. Jewish community. Obama has given mixed signals on the Iran threat.

During the Democratic primary he argued for direct negotiations with Iran. He has avoided making any suggestion the U.S. should take military action against Iran. Last Monday Obama said he would continue to use diplomatic means to stop Iran's nuclear program. At that time Israeli officials were shocked by Biden's comments.
d Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 09:31AM

The right-wing wacko-religious USA nutjobs are sure startin' to crawl out of the sewer.....
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 09:48AM

^^^^ And this is the best refutation you can manage of what was said above? ^^^^^

One of 2 things, it's either that you're really lazy and incapable of making any real point or ... you just don't have one. So, which is it confused


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madmex Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 05:21PM

I wouldn't associate the crap that this hate mongering is spewing out as Republican spin. It only plays to the ignorant and back water breed. As in the case of the hick w/ high speed internet ,Mr.Kim.

Its actualy funny, like this link ,,,DER'
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 28, 2008 08:30PM

Hick .... really? That's a curious thing for an absolute moron incapable of even the most simplistic usages of proper diction or spelling to relate about anyone else eye rolling

Tellya what though madnez, I'm feelin pretty generous today, so I tellya what I'm gonna do, just seein as how it's you and all.

If you go get your shine box and do a really nice job on my black wingtips for me I'll give ya a nice crisp $10 bill and .... that most special tip you enjoy so much right between those big ol rubbery lips of yours .... as long as you don't get too excited and bite me like you did the last time winking

shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: September 29, 2008 03:48AM

Change We Can are allowed To Believe In

Two quotes from Avakian come to mind... :

"In a world marked by profound class divisions and social inequality, to talk about `democracy'—without talking about the class nature of that democracy and which class it serves—is meaningless, and worse. So long as society is divided into classes, there can be no `democracy for all': one class or another will rule, and it will uphold and promote that kind of democracy which serves its interests and goals. The question is: which class will rule and whether its rule, and its system of democracy, will serve the continuation, or the eventual abolition, of class divisions and the corresponding relations of exploitation, oppression and inequality." —Bob Avakian

Elections are controlled by the bourgeoisie; are not the means through which basic decisions are made in any case; and are really for the primary purpose of legitimizing the system and the policies and actions of the ruling class, giving them the mantle of a "popular mandate", and of channeling, confining, and controlling the political activity of the masses of people.
—pp 68 Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: September 29, 2008 07:56AM

Class divisions will always be around no matter what. If we are not divided by money class we will be divided by mentality class and there is nothing a revolution can do about that.
Palin? for real? Report This Comment
Date: September 29, 2008 01:26PM

Heheheh....I love it!
I love that ignorant racist dopes like you are so scared about Obama winning that you are forced to resort to this type of propoganda. THANK YOU!!! Obama is crushign McCain in the polls right now, much liek he did to mccain in the first debate. Old man McCain blew it when he choose Palin as VP selection. This is a person who thinks Dinosaurs and humans co-existed. She might even be dumber than GW.

Face it - the Republicans will own their failures of last 8 years and McCain/Palin have no shot.

Get ready to have President Obama as you leader.

I can't wait for all the ignorant kkk klansmen like you all to have to handle the fact that a black man is now your leader.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: September 30, 2008 05:15AM

Do you reall think the KKK is dead?

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/10/2008 07:06AM by jgoins.
OOK Report This Comment
Date: September 30, 2008 10:35PM

Xr52Qmie - Severina Vuckovic on pic number 5 sings Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star on her Mic on Xboard ! I tell ya fer sure so far !
shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: October 01, 2008 03:21AM


Class divisions will always be around no matter what. If we are not divided by money class we will be divided by mentality class and there is nothing a revolution can do about that.

what do you mean by "mentality class"? I think (am assuming) you are talking about mental labor and manual labor. Well this contradiction too could be moved beyond, but this will require a revolution within the revolution (the socialist transition to communism) in the realm of education. But also at the economic base, the birthmarks of capitalism exist in socialist society. Socialism is still capitalism, it is just what class holds state power. In order for anything to change for the better, the current ruling class has got to go.

now all of this fear some people have for having a Black man as the president, well that type of thinking is another thing that has to be done away with. There is nothing wrong with having a Black man (or woman) as the leader of a society... It is just a matter of what society that person is leading and what is at the economic base of that society (which dictates what kind of society, how people interact with one another); and what kind of society is this?

The simple fact is, white supremacy is interwoven into the very fabric of U.S. society and no one auditioning to become the president, no election can ever change this...

some "Food For Thought":

On April 25, 2008, a New York judge acquitted the New York City police who fired 50 shots at Sean Bell. They murdered him—just hours before his scheduled wedding. They severely wounded two of his friends. When asked about this verdict, Barack Obama replied: “The judge has made his ruling, and we are a nation of laws, so we respect the verdict that came down.”

With Barack Obama,
“We Shall Overcome”
has become
“We Shall Overlook.”
(from Revolution #139, August 10, 2008, available at