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Should have been executed

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Should have been executed

Comments for: Should have been executed
woberto Report This Comment
Date: September 04, 2008 05:55AM

woberto Report This Comment
Date: September 04, 2008 06:16AM

Just like this idiot, what is it with you Americans?

Over here we let the dingos kill our babies.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 04, 2008 12:25PM

Jeez, conficted twice now and still no death penalty hot smiley

It would seem from the article the reporter was trying to invent excuses for this POS. When will people get it that bein drunk can never be an excuse or justification for what one does while in this state? Drunk, sober, wacked out of your mind on drugs or whatever, ones actions are still ones own and why anyone would feel someone's less accountable because of it totally evades any logical train of thought imaginable.

The bottom line to the whole discussion is an infant was killed and someone is responsible for it, and as such deserves punishment. The only real question that should remain is whom exactly is responsible and what should be the proper punishment angry

asshole85 Report This Comment
Date: September 04, 2008 01:37PM

But she's black, are you racist? You say she's guilty but it's obvious she's black so she was framed by "Tha Man". Black people get such a bad rap, no pun intended, it's the media that's to blame, if they'd stop reporting all the killing, raping and stealing that black people do maybe people wouldn't think the way they do about us. Wait till obama gets elected..... then it's on, we gonna be in charge whitey. All you crackas can kiss my black ass u racist mofos.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 04, 2008 03:11PM

^^^^ Might I suggest a good brush up on literary interpretation skills ^^^^

I never said she was guilty, though I did mention she's already been convicted twice now of this crime.

By your logic, it's "the media" that makes black people criminals huh? Sorry dude, that ship won't float. Criminals are criminals by their actions regardless of their skin tone. And, just in case you're confused (which seems obvious) imaginary crimes aren't reported in the media, so the ones we see, hear and read about are real, at least most of the time.

My thoughts about someone treatin an 1 mo. old infant like a fuckin cheeseburger they picked up at 7-11 are the same, no matter what age, skin color or nationality they are. If you harm or kill a defenseless infant THAT makes you a worthless POS who deserves to be punished for your crime, end of story!

There's no need to even mention anything about the persons background or mental state to me from that point as it's totally irrelevent once they have been duly tried, and especaily once they've been convicted not once, but twice angry


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GAK67 Report This Comment
Date: September 05, 2008 12:32AM

MrKim, might I suggest that your response was either exactly what the previous poster was after, or alternatively a typically American response to sarcasm (i.e. most American's do not 'get' sarcasm). (That is not a complaint or being anti-American, by the way, just an observation.)

I agree completely with your comment that somebody should be held responsible and punished for this. While it is true that consuming alcohol or drugs can make you do things you wouldn't normally do or make you seem 'out of control', given that she has twice been convicted of this before she was aware of that fact and yet did so again without appropriate safeguards in place. If she is guilty (please note I did say 'if') she should have the book thrown at her as, in my opinion, she is responsible!
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 05, 2008 11:23AM

Thanks for your observation GAK and no offense was taken I assure you.

Honestly, I was unsure if the previous post was written tongue-in-cheek by the poster, but in this realm of words plastered on a screen it can be difficult to ascertain such things with any degree of sureity, so I chose to simply shoot from the hip in my reply.

BTW, this person was convicted twice for the same crime, not 2 previous instances of this type crime winking

woberto Report This Comment
Date: September 08, 2008 06:38PM

Life in prison for mum in microwave-baby case

SMH, September 9, 2008 - 6:18AM

A mother who burned her baby daughter to death in a microwave oven was sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole.
China Arnold, 28, opted not to be in the Ohio courtroom when Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Mary Wiseman announced her decision.
The US judge rejected a plea by Arnold's defense lawyers for a minimum sentence of life in prison with the chance of parole after 25 years.
A jury last week spared Arnold the death penalty when it couldn't reach a consensus.

Arnold was convicted on August 29 of aggravated murder in the death of month-old Paris Talley.
Prosecutors said Arnold intentionally put her baby in the microwave oven after a fight with her boyfriend.
The couple had argued over whether the boyfriend was the biological father.
It was Arnold's second trial. The first ended in a mistrial when new witnesses surfaced.
Defense lawyer Jon Paul Rion has asked for a third trial, saying a former cellmate who said Arnold confessed has now changed her story.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 08, 2008 11:46PM

Yeah great .... she gets to live out her life at our expense for any number of years. Three square meals a day, free clothing, health care, dental care, cable Tv, and on and on and on. What a waste of resources on someone so chickenshit she wouldn't even face the judge for her sentencing for the incomprehensible crime of having burned her own child to death.

She's been tried and duly convicted of murdering a helpless infant and deserves to receive the same. Death by hanging, a firing squad or electrocution don't even come close to what she should be gettin, but life in prison ... what a total miscarriage of justice hot smiley

I can't even envision the type of sociopathic makeup one has to have to be capable of such a heinous act against ones own child, nor can I see how allowing her to draw even one more breath is going to be beneficial to anyone in our society. Even a death by lethal injection is far better than she's due angry


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