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name that war criminal 2

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name that war criminal 2

Comments for: name that war criminal 2
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 02, 2008 12:55AM

this one is tough, but if someone gets it right i shall reveal a list of said crimes.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 02, 2008 01:02AM

a few of you sad sucks need a lesson in how to identify and convict a war criminal.

you're welcome.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: August 02, 2008 01:51AM

Samir Geagea.....I cheated 'tho - he looked Lebanese and so I searched Google Images using 'lebanon' and 'war criminal'.

David from Sydney NSW Australia.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: August 02, 2008 11:07AM

you got it!
Short List of Samir Geagea's War Crimes
No single record can summarize Samir Geagea's crimes against humanity. There is no way to include all the crimes against civilians; the raping, the destruction of houses over their residents, the beheading of civilians and throwing their bodies under bridges, throwing people alive in valleys from bridges, sinking people with concrete blocks in their feet, and destroying houses of worship on their attendees. There is no way to compile a record of all Geagea's crimes, but for a small sample of his crimes is listed below.
June 13, 1978 - Samir Geagea led an attack against Tony Farngieh, a prominent Christian leader of North Lebanon at his summer family house. Franjieh was killed along with dozens of supporters.
September, 1982 – Lebanese Forces militia, of which Geagea was a rising member at that point, participated in massacres against Palestinian refugees in camps in Beirut leaving more than a thousand casualties.
1984 – Assassination of Ghaith Khoury, a potential threat to his command position, outside a beach resort in the Byblos area. Khoury's wife was injured and hospitalized. The wife was later shot on the operation table in the hospital.
March 11, 1985 - Geagea led a bloody coup within his militia in collaboration with Elie Houbeika, which resulted in Houbeika assuming the leadership of the Lebanese Forces Militia.
January 15, 1986 - Geagea led a bloody coup to claim leadership of the Lebanese Forces militia from Houbeika, leaving 600 dead of his own militia in one day. "After Houbeika's ouster, Karim Pakradouni assumed the number two position in the LF behind Geagea. During this period, he was instrumental in cultivating a rapprochement between the LF and Yasser Arafat. In 1987, Pakradouni visited Tunisia to meet Arafat and negotiated a deal whereby the Palestinians paid $15 million to the LF and President [Amine] Gemayel in return for the granting of Lebanese visas to five thousand PLO fighters, which allowed Arafat to reestablish an armed presence in the Palestinian refugee camps. This move dealt a major setback to both Israel, which had driven the PLO out of Beirut in 1982, and Syria, which had subsequently driven Arafat and his remaining loyalists out of north Lebanon." (Middle East Intelligence Bulletin)
1986-1987 - Geagea's militia buried nuclear and chemical wastes in self-controlled region in exchange for millions of dollars. The Lebanese army worked later on removing the wastes and exporting them. "Jelly Wax, an Italian company, had been paying the Christian militia led by Geagea to store the toxics in Lebanon, including in a quarry near Beirut that once held 16,000 barrels and 20 containers of heavy metals, toxic pesticides, and other deadly chemicals. The Italian chemical barrels began to bubble over and explode, so the Lebanese Forces [militia] asked Mr. Pierre Malychef, one of Lebanon's most respected environmental scientists, to test them. He alerted the public that the barrels contain toxic chemicals, and he discovered other dumping sites scattered around the country. The Lebanese Forces [militia] were angered as their pollution kickback was threatened. The government jailed Malychef for a week for allegedly giving false testimony during an investigation of the dumping, but the charges were dropped. Months later, thugs paid by the Lebanese Forces militia severely beat him. By 1986, companies from Germany, Canada, and Belgium, secretly delivered toxic chemicals to other parts of Lebanon. Today, Lebanon is paying the price. According to a World Bank study, toxic dumping, along with Lebanon's own sewage and toxic waste problems, has led to contamination of 70% of the country's drinking water." (Living on Earth)
1986 - Maronite Catholic Monsignor Khreish was kidnapped, tortured and killed for criticizing the acts of the Lebanese Forces militia.
1987 - Geagea assassinated Lebanon's Prime Minister Rachid Karami. Geagea was convicted for this crime in 1995.
1989 - Geagea assassinated Elias Zayek. Geagea was convicted for this crime in 1995.
1989 - 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces militia led an open war against the Lebanese Armed Forces causing hundreds of casualties from the Lebanese Army and civilians over the course of 11 months.
1989 - 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces militia executed tens of arrested Lebanese Army soldiers with bullets to the back of their heads.
1989 - 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces arrested imprisoned and tortured families of Lebanese Army soldiers.
April 18, 1990 - Geagea's snipers attacked a school bus killing eleven and wounding a couple dozens, mostly young students.
October 1, 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces militia attacked a group of civilians, mostly college men and women demonstrating for peace at Nahr el Mawt bridge checkpoint. They killed and wounded over a hundred civilians in 10 minutes.
October 13, 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces militia backed the Syrian army attacks on the Lebanese Presidential Palace and the Defense Ministry with artillery support. The Syrian troops took over the area and committed massacres against the surrendering Lebanese Army troops and civilians. Geagea's militia celebrated the fall of Lebanon and its army to the Syrians all night with gun shots and fireworks.
October, 1990 - Geagea's Lebanese Forces militia killed prominent Christian leader Dany Chamoun with his wife and two children (ages 5 and 7) after the Syrians completely occupied the capital Beirut, and allowed their allies to take revenge. Geagea was convicted for this crime in 1995.
1994 - Geagea was arrested after being accused for the explosion that destroyed a Catholic church killing tens or worshippers. The judges could not convict him "for insufficient evidence," per the official court statement. He was, however, convicted for three other assassination crimes, and was sentenced to death. The sentenced was reduced to lifetime in prison.
July 18, 2005, Geagea was granted a pardon that suspended his life sentence and he was released from jail. The pardon included Geagea and tens of Al Qaeda-inspired extremists who were captured after terrorist attacks against the Lebanese Armed Forces and civilians in 2001.
February 5, 2006 - A couple of the Al Qaeda extremists that were released from prison with Geagea a year before were among hundreds who attacked the Christian neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Beirut, and burnt a church in this riot. Geagea could claim no relation to that incident except that he was on air that day defending these gangsters as "our allies in the March 14 group." An hour later, Geagea was pressured to copy the positions' of Christian leaders that were condemning this violent act. He went on air again, and this time condemned the riot.
January, 2007 - Samir Geagea's supporters shot demonstrators in several regions of Lebanon. At the entry of the city of Byblos, one of Geagea's supporters shot three civilians causing permanent injuries to two, and left the third one in a wheelchair for life.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2008 10:36AM

No worse than Elie Hobeika though, the two were fierce rivals who made many attempts on each other's life. Geagea finally won but got fucked after the war was ended. Hobeika (AKA HK caus he preferred Heckler & Koch rifles) was smarter though (aced a 500 questions CIA intelligence test with a 17.5/20 score, CIA people were impressed and offered HK further training and collaboration).

HK and Geagea represent the losing Christian militias, under Syrian occupation media and rival Muslim politicians tented to focus on the crimes of defeated Christian militias , especially that the latter cooperated with Israelis, and ignored their own crimes which are no less than those of HK and Geagea.

Walid Junblat, Nabih Berri, Hezbullah, Michel Aon and other motherfuckers (let's not forget the Palestinians and PLO) involved in the Lebanese civil war committed genocides, assassinations, kidnapping, extortion, steeling of public funds etc... and above all, they were all dogs with foreign masters, often the same master for different rivals...

Lebanese citizen...