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Learn the language & it's funny

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Learn the language & it's funny

Comments for: Learn the language & it's funny
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 24, 2008 04:13PM

Hoye zxz555 por que no te metes tu pinche chiste Zueco por el culo y te dejas de mamadas...gracias por nada pendejo. the finger
blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: June 24, 2008 04:59PM

I am a poor choice for a translator but I know a little Danish (and she was sweet), I don't think this is Danish but Danish Norweigen and Swedish are all a bit alike.

Anyway, best I can tell, all units are being called to watch out for a little cat called "Mama's little pussy". Be careful, this little cat can cause fear and disappointment.

So it is a cat-pussy/vagina-pussy joke? What am I missing. Please advise.
zxz555 Report This Comment
Date: June 24, 2008 07:07PM

Nice work blinkerman, my own translation goes like this ( not too far off yours)
All units! A kitten with black & yellow striped fur is still missing.
Answers to the name of Mamas Little Pussy and we advise
that the kitten can be both scared and disillusioned.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 24, 2008 07:25PM

Equality and Confusion

Equality is not a GAY issue.

I'm sick and tired of the Media, and the Gay community dragging African Americans
into their arguments about discrimination,

as if they had a clue.


Those are the words I've had to deal with since childhood. Usually followed by being spat on, hit, rocks thrown, or kicked.
Those 7 seven words have been said with belief by some whites,for decades. Associating being black with being a Nigger or a homosexual, and has consistantly been a challenge that Blacks in America have had to overcome.
By living with dignity, responsibility and honor, we can overcome the stigma of the characteristic word nigger. But we can't escape those who attach the word to the color of ones skin, rather than it's true meaning. So the side effect, is the mental illness of adopting the word and saying it to each other. Should we do the same with the word Faggot?
Some sadly, explode and resort to rape or murder to prove that they are not faggots.
Smarter ones ignore it and are eventually respected as being above such a thing.
That stigmatic attachment was a kick in the butt from the KKK.
Now Gay's attach homosexuality to Blacks with a kiss on the lips. Again, a stigma to overcome again. Doing more damage. Causing more pain.
Blacks who are Gay see no difference in finding acceptance, bla bla bla, because they enhance the stereotype with immoral behavior, and are a part of the problem. (You know who you are)
People tolerate immorality because no one's perfect. Yet certain things, habits, and behavior are consistantly repulsive to most good people, and their families.
Most are aware and do not confuse, that
Equality has always been about -Civil - Racial- human - dignity - and constitutional rights.

Equality has never been about anyone's sexual lifestyle, prowess or preference, as identified by the word Gay.
Living in sin, and telling our children that it's a right, or a good thing is dead wrong.

You're a liar, and frankly,
THE GOVERNMENT HAS MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES TO DEAL WITH than to linger on the unholy matrimony of gay marriage.

An amendment to the constitution against Ancient Pagan, same sex marriage is simply not necessary, because it's SIMPLY, not that important.
It has nothing to do with equality, the dignity of the constitution, or the dignity of congress.

Protecting the innocents of American children is most important. Teaching them right from wrong and developing good law, is important.
Protecting them from bad behavior and
bad influence is important
for a strong future, and a strong nation.
America is a Christian country.
It's core values and destruction will not be tolerated. Criminals, and criminal mentality, will be, with wisdom, righteously oppressed. And thats not a witch hunt.

With or without legislature, we will manage to protect American children, with extreme prejudice if necessary. America tolerates, but is better
off without weak, sniveling cry babies who want acceptance, pity, and to be recognized for his or her sexual activity.

Stop trying to involve Obama, Black people,
Hispanics, Italians, Jews, or any other Americans with historical ties to another country into Gay - anti Christian- arguments and general racial sterotypes. Gay's keep yelling homophobe and bigot. Is that suppose to hurt our feelings?
We fear certain sinful ways more than others, because we fear for the safety, nurturing and psychological well being of our children.
We abhor same sex fornication, and the proposal to legitimize it with the traditional icon of a Christian marriage because of the predominant criminal homosexual behavior.
Habitual drug use and open deviat sexual exploits, are just as offensive as a Ku Klux Klan march. Many, get drugged up and you want to parade that foolishness around in our streets.
They invite persecution. Because they, are not right, or good, but deliberately offensive.
Politically, the issue is just not
that important. If your offended, don't vote.
leave it to the grown ups.
Some say that Gay, it's who they are,
and claim that rejecting that behavior is racial.
The numbers in the community, like for instance, the 'prison community', does not make you a race, or nation. It makes you a sub-culture.
Too often, a criminal drug abusing sub-culture, struggling for mainstream dominance.
That's sick, and it's not going to happen.
When you say the fight for gay marriage is a fight for equality, You're a liar. Your fighting for financial benefits.
And you offend every race that has endured real discrimination for being a race, or a color, due to domination by the sheer numbers or weapons of a foreign power.
Those people were denied basic human rights and freedom. Gay's are not denied freedom in this country. They are denied control of this country. And that's good.
Your behavior is no longer acceptable in our maturing, modern world.
Liking a Gay person as a person, for example,
does not mean to agree with your bad habits
or choices. Or with what you see as love.
You're looking at the sun through shades.
The truth would burn out your eyes.
Make no mistake, the vast word majority are straight, God fearing, and / or scientifically inclined, good people.
The sin of same sex fornication, and the obvious confusion that goes with that behavior, has nothing to do with equality, civil rights and human dignity. Human beings have a right to be protected from discrimination and crime, as human beings. Other than that, who or what animal you have pagan sex with is just not that important. It has no place in the dignity of congress.
Oh, you don't like me telling the truth by saying homosexuality is sin. Then I'll say this truth. Homosexuality is a way of life, that is counter productive to the psychological health, and strength of our country.

To me, Being Black in America is case study about general economic conditions.
Overcoming history, 'mutual ignorance' and the stigma of Jim 100 years of Crowe Laws.
It's about establishing a non stereotypical image in the work place, where success becomes achievable.

It is not about continuing to destroy African Americans by automatically associating them with decadent behavior of homosexuality, or seeking a free ride.
The truth is,
Most prominent Black families are Christian.
= Not Gay. And not confused about real equality issues. Christians know that the love of God is the first, best, and the greatest love given to mankind. Ergo, the Holy ghost.
It transformed us by divinity, from being beast, into human beings.
Love in flesh is second best. Without faith in God in your life, love is subject to corruption, and deception.
End of story.
RogerRamJet Report This Comment
Date: June 25, 2008 01:19AM

Have you thought this threw?
blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: June 25, 2008 09:36AM

Thanks Z. Your translation is much better and makes more sense. Too bad the joke is still not funny.

It was actually funnier for me when I thought that the Pussy was the cause of the disillusionment.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: June 26, 2008 05:50PM

Another "oh so righteous" individual spouts off more unrealistic logic based in some sense of twisted religious teachings and drivel all melded together with racism, homophobia and other assorted dogma eye rolling

Will you sheep ever learn anything or is it really enough for you to just keep following these money grubbing self proclaimed "saviors" as you go about your daily lives furthering their agendas as opposed to actually using the eyes and brains you were given to see the world and realities that occur around you every day for yourselves? Are you so absolutely clueless that acceptance of theology based in myth, and dependent on "faith" seems more logical than what CAN be sensed in the real world?

If I ever have a need for a lobotamy perhaps I'll be able to join your ranks since it would take loosing at least 1/2 of my mental abilities to ever embrace such inane concepts. And maybe, just maybe, if I lost enough brain matter .... I could even become a true religious zealot grinning

zxz555 Report This Comment
Date: June 26, 2008 06:33PM

The thing I find funny about this cartoon strip, Zofie's Verden (Zofie's World) is that it does not try to get outright laughs but is most often just creepy and strange. I have posted from this strip before with more (inaccurate) translations. Of course sometimes it is lol funny, but usually smirksome funny. It is also, imo, a very Norwegian sense of humour, although I have yet to find any Norwegians who like it as much as I do.
blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: June 27, 2008 09:29AM

Thanks again z. I look for future Zofie's World strips with a more open mind. The problem with dry humor is that it require some context or it seems totally random. Or maybe this is true for any humor. Cheers.