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Comments for: medication
shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: May 28, 2008 12:22AM

sexual orientation is a choice
whether or not it is a conscience decision
certain conditioning (usually some form of sexual abuse during childhood) will efect one's sexual orientation

take me, I like, no love, rather, Asian women
it is because an Asian women smiled at me, when I was six years old, and made my dick hard--the first woman to make me sexually excited, and I didn't even know what the fuck sex was

then when I was in the hitler youth, err I mean Boy Scouts of America, I was molested by a perv on a camping trip
made me homophobic for years

then the BSA wanted to start all of this homophobic shit, yet this asshole was "straight". I started openly attacking them.

real gay dudes want to be involved with the Scouts, wouldn't dream of doing that bullshit that that stupid motherfucker did to me. Want to do something positive for some of these fucked up youths, instead of the usual bullshit they are faced with. But their (most gays) argument is that it is something that you are born with. That ain't really how it is though, but, you should have every right to whatever sexuality that you choose, as long as it does not hurt anyone else.

so I laugh my ass off at this stupid ass "homo-be-gone" medication skit that we're right now.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 28, 2008 06:17AM

Thats the idea you should laugh yer ass off at this stupid ass shit. He he ha ha ho ho.
perv Report This Comment
Date: May 29, 2008 06:06PM

when i was five i used to do all kinds of really nasty stuff with a girl in kindergarden. damn i have no clue how 5 year olds can be so dirrrty.
also older women were often smiling nasty at me when i was in my teens.

now i know why i am so fucking perverted... but its ok.. i love beeing that way.
my girlfriend never complained.. shes not like me, but she loves it.

thx shadez...