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vista is not the answer

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vista is not the answer

Comments for: vista is not the answer
madmex2000 Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 01:55PM

Vista is good and dx10 looks good,but most of my pc collections of games are are at risk of not being played because Microsoft wants to end a decent product. (wow,thought i would never say that.
Vista....well suks. Unless your a tech head with a 6 to 10 skill rating,your fuked.

sign a petition today,and say so.
blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 02:53PM

It isn't so bad if you are on a corporate network and want to use Office 2007, connect to printers and the like.

It is less good if you want to play any games, or if you have an older computer that isn't maxed out on speed and memory, or have existing peripherals that pre-date 2007.

It is also a pain if you work with people over 50 years old who spent the past 5 years learning how to do things for themselves on XP and office XP/2003 and suddenly find themselves with a new freakin' interface.

I would like to see an XP classic that keeps the interface close to the same, takes some of the Vista network stuff, and then makes sure to run all the cool games and devices that you have acquired over the years. That would be progress.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 03:46PM

Kinda hard to use Microsoft and progress in the same sentence when the underlying corporate motive is $$$$$$$$$ and the pervasive attitude seems to be "we KNOW what's best for the customer" eye rolling

Might be a novel concept for Microsoft to actually TRY listening to their customer bases concerns before arbitrarily makin the call without seeming regard for their thoughts and concerns thumbs up


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blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 04:18PM

Mrkim - I totally agree with you about the corporate greed of MS, however "progress" has always been their method. Each new version gave us a little more power and then took away something somewhere else. Somehow with XP, MS hit a plateau. The masses, while annoyed by the cost and severe security problems, were largely content with the functionality of XP and started keeping computers much longer than the 2-year cycle that made MS so big. So now they are cramming vista down our throats. There are some improvements, but a lot is lost.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 04:26PM

Hey FAGMEX2000 aren't you guys on the Indian reservation still on Dos 5.22 and 286 computers???? drinking
ORLANDO399 Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 04:49PM

nah...he's still using the one in the librarydrinking
woberto Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 06:56PM

Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: April 24, 2008 07:17PM

blinkermann, it is undeniable that MS has forged progress in the software realm, I mean really, there's no one bigger. Then again, just as in nearly every other instance one can point to, they've become so big that they've lost their focus along with their basic ability to do the things that put them on top in the 1st place, and ... have lost touch with the consumers who installed them in the position they now hold in the marketplace, which is why they stand currently poised to lose big time if they get it wrong at this juncture.

When they delayed the debut of Vista, by like 3 yrs after it was supposed to have come out, it was obvious even then that their edge was gone in the ability to bring a new product to market in the same way they had previously.

Then when it was introduced and the market refused to jump on the new band wagon, again it only showed the markets satisfaction with the older XP product and their displeasure with the idea of Vista requiring additional investments in hardware for problee at least 90% of those who MIGHT have wanted to switch to it.

I personally don't think force feeding the market Vista when they so obviously don't seem to have aquired a taste for it is their best course of action at this point. These actions seem more likely to further alienate their market than it would be to simply stop tryin so hard to peddle Vista and keep on supporting XP until they have a more valuable product to sell the public in the future winking


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blinkermann Report This Comment
Date: April 25, 2008 10:12AM

Then what we need is XP Service Pack 3.
zxz555 Report This Comment
Date: April 25, 2008 11:56AM

what we need is a market driven by Linux, not MS.
woberto Report This Comment
Date: April 25, 2008 07:21PM

Yawn (again)
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: April 27, 2008 05:10PM

MrKim and others, you talk about the corporate goal of Microsoft being $$$$$$$$$. Well DUH! That's what businesses are there for! Even businesses who are good citizens are out to make money, What it comes down to is what they are prepared to sacrifice and/or do to make that money. I do agree that Microsoft appears to put selling more product ahead of making a quality product that meets customer needs (at least at times). You need to remember though that techy geeks are only a small part of Microsoft's total OS market. You also need to remember that despite their own egos, Microsoft don't have a total monopoly on OS software and there are alternatives out there.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: April 28, 2008 11:32AM

The geek crowd are indeed a miniscule segment of MSs business. Most of the geeks I know despise the shit they pass off as an OS due to the unnecessary bloat of background crap, DRM BS and the security concerns runnin it will assure the average at home surfer/user.

I don't run MS products and quite honestly doubt I ever will again. Power to the penguin is my motto, which is really here nor there in all this. My point really is only as that of an outsider lookin in to this discussion, and as such, adding in things from a puerly customer service/business sense perspective.

The point for myself in this discussion is that MS is doin a bang up job of tryin to shove an OS (Vista) down their customers throats and it just doesn't seem like the most reasonable course of action for them to persue at this juncture.

Personally, I couldn't care less about whether MS supports any of their older platforms. It just seems like they're cuttin off their nose with their planned drop dead date for XP support to justify their investment in Vista which only points up exactly how greedy they are corporate wise (past the point of just makin $$, which we all have to understand is their goal) and how little their customer base's concerns seem to be to them.

Anyone in business who feels they know better than their customers what they may actually need is usually the sign of a company who has lost their focus, and if not corrected, will likely head down the downwardly spiraling path toward corporate oblivion winking


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fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: April 28, 2008 01:17PM

i still will not sell any of my stock in microsoft. the finger
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: April 28, 2008 10:24PM

MrKim, I agree with your last comments completely. Call me a capitalist, but the market will decide! Marketing and corporate BS will only fool some of the people some of the time and the truly long lasting organisations are the ones who give the customer what they want rather than manipulate what they have to make the customer think they want it. I'm also with Fossil on this one though and if I had stock in Microsoft I wouldn't be selling it. It will be years before Microsoft loses their market dominance. (By that I mean they are dominant in the market, not that their product is superior or anything).