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C-17 Globemaster Model

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C-17 Globemaster Model

Comments for: C-17 Globemaster Model
rogerramjet_2003 Report This Comment
Date: January 17, 2008 05:08AM

This C-17 Globe Master III is one of the largest jet models in the world today!

The four builders are shown in the image above. Colin Straus, the owner, is at the nose of the aircraft.

This 1/9th scale radio-controlled C-17 model was built in the United States

It was built as the centrepiece of a 15 programme television series produced in the U.K. for the Home and Leisure satellite TV channel.

Built with the aid of three friends, it took one year to build and is powered with 4 Jetcat P-120 turbines with a total thrust of 108 lbs.

The model weighs over 250 lbs fuelled, and carries 12.5 litres (3.3 US gallons) of 95% kerosene and 5% turbine oil fuel. Other details include 5 Futaba PCM receivers, 16 battery packs (93 cells), 20 Futaba servos, on board air compressor, electro/pneumatic retracts, etc. Wingspan is 20 feet 8 inches, and the top of the Tailfin is 74 inches (6 feet 2 inches) above the ground. Takeoff weight is 264 lbs.

The rear cargo doors open and they drop an r/c jeep on a pallet, as well as free-fall r/c parachutists.

The model also has smoke systems both of the inboard turbines, and uses a 4 GHz data link to provide real-time data to a laptop computer on the ground while in flight. This data includes airspeed, turbine RPM, EGT, fuel consumption, etc. Built mainly from balsa and ply, with many glass and carbon fibre mouldings to reduce weight. It is covered in fibreglass and epoxy resin. Complete with retractable landing gear and pneumatically operated flaps.
Jordan1st Report This Comment
Date: January 17, 2008 07:15AM

strait 5 thumbs
Placelowerplace Report This Comment
Date: January 17, 2008 09:48AM

A friend of mine who is into RC and well as real AC sent these to me a month ago, quite impressive machine. When I was working at Long Beach Airport I would get to fly around next to the real C17's on the test flights. They would shut down the Air port and have emergency vehicles strategically place all over the perimeter of the airport incase there was a serious malfunction. Never saw one problem with the bird. The thing use relatively now runway what so ever and could be at 1000ft off the deck before it even crossed the fence of the airport.