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Two Paths.... Same Destination

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Two Paths.... Same Destination

Comments for: Two Paths.... Same Destination
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2008 12:06PM

Ron Paul Freedom

shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2008 03:13PM

"...quit fashioning everything that comes out of your mouth in terms of the bourgeois right. Let's struggle about what humanity really needs" - bob avakian, chairman of the revolutionary communist party

and quite a freedom that ron paul is offering
alot of people see this as a lesser evil, knowing full and damn well about how backwards all of his policies are(and from a materialist dialecticist it is litteraly backwards! lol... not that this is a laughing matter)
it is only that he wants to end the war, and end american imperialism by moving backwards - retaining the same fucked system that has led us to this conundrum that we find ourselves

wake up from the bourgeois imposed american dream, the dream that only the bourgeois get to live, that dream makes everyone else life a living nightmare...
wake up and rise
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: January 01, 2008 10:56PM

I agree, he IS backwards, backwards as far as where we're heading and that is a good thing, backward to a more free way, more like the forefathers lived, you know, live and let live, not.... force my communist ways on you like it or not because I! know whats best for everyone! Quit using words out of books and other commie sites so that you can sell your outright propaganda. Irrefutable complacency (communism) is a hapless endeavor to which an outright folly becomes.... pain and suffering.

I don't understand people that can look at pain and suffering and think that more "hands in the barrel" will help, the more hands that help, the more hands that need to be $troked... one way or the other. When someone helps someone else it is for self, one way or the other.

When you sit around and talk commie shit, you are doing it for self, not for everyone else but you, so, that in itself is Capitalist in nature, when man can work hard and be rewarded with something that strikes a very natural core nerve. Restricting people in general will just make them victims.

shadez, you seem so hung up on the revolution thing that you don't get very deep into what will actually happen after the Revolution, you know, the boring day after day, year after year crap that people will start to re-rise against, when your commie fantasy comes drinking
smiley true I can't wait to see you cleaning toilets for everyone day after day, year after year with no hope of moving up in the "New World".........................
shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2008 06:09AM

heading backwards to the good days that our forefathers enjoyed... what kind of days were those anyways? when blacks were slaves and women were just property of men

the only reason why that has been improved in america was to keep the peace, but where did the ending of treating women and minorities like property first occur?

i don't understand people that can look at pain and suffering and not really understand what actually causes that

when i'm taking to the streets and doing propaganda work(or your version: sitting around talking commie shit) or in these forums or forums on many other sites... true i guess i am doing it for myself because i want to live in a better world, i'm doing it for myself which is a part of the whole

these concepts fall deaf on your ears because of the conditioning this system has put you through, yet you still see that it isn't working
when you first being conditioned they told you america is free and is the greatest country in the world, and that your forefather faught a heroic revolution... so that we don't need to fight one... but when you get a little older you start to notice that it is not so much true now, but it was better then
truely it wasn't really more free then, but it was more stable... but in order for such a system to stay alive it has to constantly expand and when it gets so big it loses its stability
capitalism was useful to further at one, but it really should be used as a transitional system, but it's nature and the way it has made people, the ones at the top have no desire to relinquish their power or to ever see a classless and stateless society

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jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2008 08:44AM

If you want to do away with capitalism then why not start by giving away all you possessions to the needy. You want to revolt and take way everything other people have but you would try to prevent someone from coming into your home to take all you own. Burglary and robbery is exactly the same thing as revolution on a smaller scale.
shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2008 10:06AM

this is interesting thing you say
burglary and robery is the same thing
what is it that drives people to commit such crimes? do you think that is what they chose to do? went to four years of college to learn how to burglarize house and rob people... hell it really began even earlier in life with childish dreams of one day becoming a burgalar
ever think of what caused the present condition
a very small portion of the population has robbed the greater portion of it, and alot of that portion can't even get what they need
they're only real recourse for survival is to commit crimes to get what they need
you say we wish to revolt to take away everything the priveledged have, and i assume that you then think we want to keep it all for ourselves because that is human nature, but you fail to understand that the nature of a human being is dictated by its enviromental and life conditions
so yes, if this were just a coup to take over and keep things the way they are then fine, that makes perfect sense, but that is not what this is about
this is about improving conditions
and as far as taking away goes, that is taking away the surplus - the extra unecessary ammount for survival under socialism - from the priveledged and redistributing that surplus to the rest, and the deprived
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2008 11:10AM

"what is it that drives people to commit such crimes? do you think that is what they chose to do?"
- shadez

Hell Yes!

Get into reality man. You are the one being systematically brainwashed, you pretend that you know people and in general I understand where you're coming from, but, i was never brainwashed, I was the one questioning bullshit from my own family from the day I was born, i don't do that, well, that's just the way it is... you do, otherwise you wouldn't have a base to push your alternate brainwashing from.

Communism is just another fallacy to keep certain people in control of the general population and you are downright stupid for listening to "preachers" talk shit that make them feel like people for people and then live their personal lives in a totally different way.. waspishness.

Like you were told, start living the real communist life and quit just talking shit, you better watch out, you may get sent to a camp for hangin' with Mary Jane and not being responsible for doing your required work for the population!

You do exactly the same thing that you put down capitalism for, you sell! It is simple, w2hen it comes to Socialist crap just ask.... cui bono (Latin - who benefits?) you're not just supposed to use that for "one side", you're supposed to use it for every side, now ask your self... communism.... cui bono... who (really) benefits? Duh!
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: January 02, 2008 12:40PM

I'll take the "return to governmental sanity and return the rights we've lost to the American people" approach Ron Paul offers every time over the concepts of Communism.

The appeal of "the greater good for the proletariat" nonsense at the expense of taking away wealth from those who have been willing to work for it instead is so against every iota of success relevant to human nature that is can only fail.

From my perspective, Communism just like Unions, best serve the interests of those with the least to offer society/industry all while stymying real progress by tying the hands of those most capable to otherwise succeed on their own merits angry


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 02/01/2008 12:42PM by Mrkim.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: January 03, 2008 07:32AM

Burglary and robbery are different one involves contact with victims and the other doesn't. When the revolution takes away from those who have it all, who decides how it is divided? Those people would become the next ruling class and have power over everyone else. The only things that would change are the names of those in charge and the removal of the reason for working. Why would anyone work if they knew they would never be able to work for a better way of life or work for the little comforts in life. Reducing life to the lowest common denomminator is not the answer.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 04/01/2008 08:05AM by jgoins.