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would you

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Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: November 06, 2007 10:48PM

I would to tell of a script where a Nude Lady in bed does afuckin' and is not of this female pigmented persuasion ! Dude is of lighter skin : Interracial Sex ! She shows him a College Degree and Governor Appreciation Award and 2 others , too ! Awards , Stupidoe !Years before he'll be up for one ! Awards , Silly ! She sits up in toes pointing to Mexico ! You'll have these , Awards , too , presented by the Rightful Honorary Awards Ceremonies ! She is tall , beautiful , gorgeous , and Nekkid ! You can say she had others in clad Fashionware watching Nuda Dude and Naked Lady ! Talk of a Director's Acting Couch ! She told Nuda Guy you have these very Awards someday in your possesion ! I'd like these to hang here , here , and there ! Awards , Nimcompoops !-Nude Lady and Redhead Song Sing In Sing Song ! Not yet those two in : Sing -Sing ! He told them :" I can't do this for one this isn't Legal , Binding , and Unethical ! It's fabricated, Faked , Counterfeit and Contrived , Alas , Not Valid Instrument ! Lady , You can't do this ! " Compounding A Crime , Aiding And Abeting , and , It's downright criminal ! This is worse than I being for a role on a Director's Couch ! This is illegal anah I consider this as being in Prostitution ! - Nuda Guy + The Lady told him I will fuck with you and make it sweetened by my lovemaking ! No , No , he told her ! Nude Lady told him : It's , Yyyess , Yyyess ! She proceeded to : Jump His Bones ! Pointing her toes to Mexico she holds him in her arms ! He points in back his toes , too ! No , No , No , he stammered ! Yes , Yyyess , Yesssssss, she wiggled and he , No , No , shot his load into her ! I want it, too , be , Yyyyeess , and fuck me , Agin ! No , No ! Then an Oriental Woman told I'll remieded the two of you and both shall understand this ! No , Remieded , Lady ! She , Oriental Lady , got quickened hand and showed : Dr. Luger from her Purse ! Whereupon , he yelled , No , No , Way , Missee ! He made messy by pissee into Nudey Lady ! Then more duh fuck came into her and Nudey Lady then leaned forward and bit gently his collar bone ! Her eyes askew and yelled in his ear : You've given me an Orgasm ! That means it's : Yyesss ! Okay , Ladies ! Sign his Resume , and Awards ! We , too , shall commence fucking a third time ! He kept sayin' : No , No , No , and pissed into her ! The pee went all over her loins and Navel ! Trickled like a Jonestown flood cum , semen , cunt hairs , anah his dick hairs , and someone shocked threw down Mountain Dew in seeing this Spectacle ! That is , On Thuh Sheets and not on Demm Two Fuckers , Duh ! Anyhoo , the Ladies left with Dr, Lugerette , in tow with 9 others from a Rainbow Coalition ! Whereas , Nuda Guy and Pissee were still at it ! No , No , Yyyess , Yyyes , Shakespeare Tragedy Redux ! She told him to sleep and it's a dream ! She got load in her and took him by his left leg and forcibly pushed him out of bed ! She told him look at me ! She had Handiwipes and cleaned herself and went to the bathroom ! She came out and heard the water closet : RRrrroar ! She took Nuda Guy and told him not to mess the carpets ! He told her I didn't do it ! She was satisfied and propped him on : Ye Royale Throneroom ! He urinated and she got an Saline Solution and cleaned his : PEENY ! This isn't gonna be Emmanuelle where she does this on Airline Toilet Seat ? She slapped me gently and not quite soundly : DORK ! She told him I'll take the bedsheet and put this one on ! It's clean and feels like your own ! She put him in his Jammies and left ! He thought : What a nice dream , Wildo !
ORLANDO399 Report This Comment
Date: November 07, 2007 12:29AM

wtfeye rolling
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: November 07, 2007 02:08AM

Put more oomph in her spiel speel aus : Sploosh !
SkullandChains Report This Comment
Date: November 08, 2007 05:19PM

Anonymous Wrote:


Who the fuck's gonna read all that mess? disappointed smiley