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remember this?

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remember this?

Comments for: remember this?
madhatter Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2007 11:08PM

Yes,I do. The boys from rockford,il.Rick,Robin,Tom,and Bun.Great band.
Anon by nature Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2007 12:51AM

I have to ask: what is he compensating for?
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2007 05:24AM

aint that a shame?
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2007 02:35PM

My 3 faves by Bunny and the boys : "Ain't That a Shame", "Surrender" and "The Flame" .... classics all smileys
with beer

madhatter Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2007 06:16PM

Kim- they played the armory in springfield,il in late 70's/early 80's as
the opening act for rainbow.Just totally blew rainbow off the stage-I can
remember the crowd booing rainbow and screaming for the tricksters to come
back on stage.Good times,good times.
Anonymous Smartass Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2007 09:13PM

That guitar is ridiculous. What a cheap trick.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: August 05, 2007 01:27AM

Two bands stand out as "I wish I'd have seen 'ems" : The Who and The Moody Blues. Sadly I'll never have the chance to see either of 'em again sad smiley

I had tickets to see the Who waaaay back in '76 and wound up smackin into a concrete retainer wall at about 60mph one morning the week prior to the concert & had to bid my friends a good time at the show from my hospital bed. Fallin asleep at the wheel is NOT something I recommend !

From friends who saw The Moody Blues all I heard was "I couldn't believe all that music came out of those guys!".

Best concert I ever saw was Yes in '76 (after I healed up) when Rick Wakeman had just returned to the band. Though I had feared they wouldn't be able to create live what they did on their albums I was happily wrong as they were BETTER !!

Best party/concert was ZZ Tops Bar B Q and Barn Dance in Austin, Tx. in '74 : ZZ Top, Peter Frampton, Bad Company, Santana and several warm up bands. That was a WILD place ! Some truly enterprising individuals made good use of the fact that the cops stayed under the stands and never entered the show grounds (which was the footbal stadium at UT) and set up a makeshift booth where they could be heard all day peddling their wares as they shouted "Acid .... Mescaline .... get it right here !" eye popping

Ah yeah, the 70s, what times were had !!!!!