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Armed & Dangerous

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Armed & Dangerous

Comments for: Armed & Dangerous
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 03:21AM

That's right. Break into my house and you'll get shot right in the ass.the finger
bobmiller Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 03:57AM

Yeah me too. Step one foot in my house without permission and your dead meat!!!
ToucanSam Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 05:35AM

You've been warned.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 08:02AM

I am afraid that ouir right to bear arms will disappear in a few short years from now. The gun grabbers are very active and vocal and us gun owners aren't nearly as vocal which will cause us to lose.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 09:34AM

Overall, Americans are decent, peaceful, kind, tolerant, funloving people, but if you mess with us you're gonna get hurt
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 10:06AM

just go on fitness, than you won't need a gun.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 11:29AM

Hmmm .... here's a scenario : So I take the above advice, haul my ass to the gym 3-5 times a week in my spare time and get a bit more buff, well ... so I get buff smiling
bouncing smiley

Then, layin in my bed one night I'm awakened by some noise and get up to check it out only to find John Q Criminal in my livin room merrily unpluggin all my toys so he can make off with 'em.

Unfortunately for me, Mr. John Q who doesn't have a job spends ALL his extra time at the gym (while I'm at work makin $$ so I can legally acquire the toys I so love to covet!) so he's even more bulked up than I am.

I jump him anyway in an effort to secure my stuff but get nothin to add to my current misery but a royal asswhippin, after which he just goes about his business of rippin off my goodies.

Then, when I wake up to find all my shit gone, I also find I now need to find a ride to the hospital because after he knocked me out he found my car keys, loaded up all my shit in my car and drove off in what was MY ride !!!!!

Fuckit, I'll save the time and keep the pistola at the ready. Anyone tryin to take my shit will surely get a few well placed rounds for their efforts and to keep down any later legal issues I'm gonna make damned sure they're DEAD ! No breath, no pulse, and they sure ain't ever passin GO again.

I'm not really a violent or dangerous person ..... unless you're tryin to steal from me or harm someone I care about, in which case you'll definitely find me more than a worthy adversary the finger

shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 01:23PM

me, i hate them! it would be nice to live in a world where they were only used for shooting cans or targets... but it's just not that way
and that whole masacre at v.t. could have, and should have been prevented, if the students themselves were armed
the high school i went to, everyone was carrying; students and teacher... and eryone knew this, son nobody ever tried shit, you might get off two or three people, but then you would be lit the fuck up!
i think that instead of not having guns, we should all have them, and learn as early as grade school how to use them properly... should be a part of p.e.
that would greatly decrease violent crimes, and also completely elliminate those sad tales of an eight year old boy shooting his three year old sister for not understanding how to respect and use a firearm... instead of allowing those to use it as an excuse to take away our rights, and the way they will exploit the victims...
for the thought of having a people armed makes the imperialsts shiver with fear! almost as much as a people united

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ToucanSam Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 03:28PM

I remember some of my EARLIEST memories as a young, young child. Rifles where all ways at ready, and available. Also, I never pointed guns at folks, or expressed anger with'em. They are there for a reason and for sport. It's all in the way your where trained/grew up. There is no reason EVERYONE could not have simple and basic arms training from a very young age.

It does make me sad every time I hear about some young child accidentally shooting another young child THAT, THAT IS ABSOLUTELY THE PARENTS FAULT. Ignorance is NO excuse. I also believe firmly that Ignorance causes all the "gun control maniacs" They are not even quite as just a PETA. (wow those are some loons)
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 08:12PM

We actually had guns in my high school.

You could sign up for the rifle team and go target shooting at the school gun range. All you needed to do was to have your parents approve and sign the application.smiling
quasi Report This Comment
Date: June 16, 2007 11:25PM

About a month ago in the town just a few miles southwest of here, there was a case of two guys robbing another guy in his own driveway. The guy being robbed wrestled with the theif who had the gun, got the gun away from him, then shot the dumbass dead with his own gun. Now that's justice.
I agree that if everyone had guns and the training to use them there would be a lot less gun related crime and accidental shootings. The crooks that use guns now are not interested in a fair fight - they're basically chickenshit jerks that would be too afraid to try anything if they knew that everyone else was armed.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 17, 2007 02:28AM

I agree with you guys, it may seem odd but it's true that everyone having guns would most likely decrease gun related crimes. You might think the opposite like Australia did, but if you give it more thought it makes sense.

Criminals always manage to get guns no matter how hard you try and stop them and if the criminals and the cops are the only ones with guns that can be a disaster.


Australia thought they would try out stricter gun control and it backfired bigtime. Instead of gun related crime going down it actually went up by 44%

I really hope people bring this up when the gun control freaks go on a rampage trying to take everyone's guns away thinking that will make things safer when what happened in Australia proves it only makes things worse.
Tiw Report This Comment
Date: June 17, 2007 05:01AM

Only criminals have guns in the UK (or some farmers and sportsmen) but is increasingly common to see police with them now we have the "War on Terror" and gun crime is going up, especially in the black communities and is spilling over into predominately white areas now.

A few years ago I heard that Japan had introduced a new gun law which was effective. They apparently had many thousands of gun crimes in a single year so they passed a law saying that anyone who is found with a gun they cannot prove a legitimate need for or that they shouldn't have they are to be sent to prison for life with no chance of parole but if they use that gun in a crime (it doesn't matter if they shoot it or not) they receive an automatic death penalty. I heard the gun crimes went from many thousands in one year to 4 in the next. I don't know if this is true or not, can TommyT verify this?
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 17, 2007 07:49AM

The law like in Japan posted above might work in a country as small as Japan but to do it here in a country as large as America and where guns are so abundant we would have to turn a couple of states into prisons before it would become effective. We have enough trouble with prison overcrowding without adding something like this to it. I do think the second part of it will work quite nicely though. If someone uses a gun in a crime, any crime, they are put to death and it should be immediate with limited appeals. If violent criminals are put to death the overcrowding of prisons would decrease dramatically.

I do agree with everyone carrying guns as a deterent to crime. If criminals know without a doubt that their prey is carrying a gun he will be less likely to go through with the crime. Criminals have a high degree of self preservation and they are not likely to commit a crime where there is a chance they will die or be injured.
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: June 17, 2007 08:44AM

Just a cuppla thoughts relevent to gun control.

1. Our government was formed with the tenets of gun ownership rights for all citizens to insure we'd be able to defend ourselves from foreign and native invaders, attackers and ..... the government itself should we ever need to do so.

2. During WWII the Japanese pondered an attack upon the western coast of the US but felt because of the significant number of US citizens with weapons they'd likely meet some pretty stiff resistance from the citizens alone (not even counting whatever military presence they would also encounter) and thought better of the idea.

3. Criminals by their nature are typically lazy and (at least inwardly) cowardly. Any criminal will tell you they usually choose their targets based upon the amount of resistance/problems they might encounter from instigating a crime and will always choose the path of the least resistance when that choice is available. This means they'll usually avoid any confrontation where a victim is likley to be armed. Kinda goes along with the "self preservation" thing grinning

With the above in mind the "gun control" advocates seem to missing a few real issues with their concept of making society safer by removing citizens rights to legally posess and bear arms. They would be putting us all at greater risk from the above mentioned groups: invaders, attackers, the govt., and criminals !!!

Though at 1st read the previously mentioned laws in Japan might sound good and surely such laws would seemingly bring down the number of gun related crimes, I do see a BIG issue with part of it.

Anytime one hands over the right to decide when a citizen has a
"need" or valid purpose to own a weapon to a government entity it's only a few short steps from there to the point where the decision is also made to legislate gun ownership rights at all out of the hands of citizens.

I NEVER want anyone to decide for me if I have a legitimate need to own a gun ! That's MY choice to make, and no one elses. Just because some bleeding heart fucker thinks I shouldn't have the right to own a gun has no bearing for me on whether I should, nor can anyone reasonably predict with any amount of sureity that I will never in my life have a need to protect or defend myself, loved ones or property hot smiley

jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 18, 2007 07:43AM

Very well put. Rest assured these gun control fanatics are paving the way for a take over of this country by a foreign power. Combine military reductions and base closings with the removal of citizen owned guns the stage will be set for an easy take over of this nation by almost any other country. Mexico already has a force in place to accomplish this quite easily and if our military is too small and guns are taken away from the rest of us they will have no trouble doing it. You can be sure illegals have guns acquired from various sources and the gun laws enacted in the future will only impact legal gun owners and not touch all those guns illegally owned by criminals and those in this country illegally. Call me a nut case if you like but you cannot deny the possibility of this happening. So if it is even remotely possible, then to ignore it would be criminal and dangerous.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: June 19, 2007 04:40AM

I've got over 5,000 rounds each of 7.62 and 5.56 NATO loaded up in stripper clips for my trusty Springfield M1A and Colt AR-15 Delta.

Bring 'em on.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 19, 2007 07:48AM

5,000 rounds, that's not a lot for a war. What will you do when you run out? If an when it starts the stores will not be open to buy more you know. You should probably get something that uses military rounds so you can be resupplied. That is, if you live long enough to run out.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: June 19, 2007 06:18PM

7.62 and 5.56 NATO are military rounds. The M14 is still used by the Marines and Navy, and the 7.62X51MM round (also known as the .308 Winchester) is what this gun is chambered for.

Likewise for the 5.56MM, also known as the .223, which has been fired by the M-16 and its variants for 45 years.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 19/06/2007 06:20PM by 90130_.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 20, 2007 05:04AM

Americans are just stupid...advise them, educate them, whatever...they're so lost in their own bubble of media and pathetic government bullshit that they just WILL NOT LEARN.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: June 20, 2007 08:01AM

Anonymous Wrote:
> Americans are just stupid...advise them, educate
> them, whatever...they're so lost in their own
> bubble of media and pathetic government bullshit
> that they just WILL NOT LEARN.

Just what is so stupid about trying to keep our last line of defense? We saved your collective asses many times in the past so we aren't too stupid. All I hear is jeolousy and envy over our way of life. America may not be perfect but neither is any other in the world.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 21, 2007 01:37AM

I can't forget that one guy with that sign, it pretty much sums it all up..................

"Yankee Go Home — And Take Me With You!"