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SUPER LANTAKA Decorated Bronze CANNON 18th Century.

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SUPER LANTAKA Decorated Bronze CANNON 18th Century.

Comments for: SUPER LANTAKA Decorated Bronze CANNON 18th Century.
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Date: June 07, 2007 11:48PM

an extremely attractive, decorated Lantaka Cannon from Malaysia, dating to 1700 AD. This beautiful swiveled weapon is mounted on a modern wooden carriage.
The cannon enjoys Foliage decoration on the top. The barrel has ring re-enforcement and "V" shaped sites.
There is a touch-hole at the top inbetween the "V", and a cylindrical handle at the back for moving up and down.
Length of cannon: 22 inches. Dimensions of wooden carriage: 18 inches long by 9 1/2 inches high, by 9 1/2 inches wide. Provenance: Munich auction house, Germany. Condition: Excellent. Swivel is functional.
The Lantaka was a bronze cannon used in Malaysia and Indonesia by merchant vessels against local pirates.
These beautiful guns were mounted on swivels. Such cannons were mounted almost anywhere including the rigging and vessel rails. Such cannons were made in the Netherlands and Portugal, as well as locally in Malaysia and Indonesia. Local villagers lived in fear of being taken slaves by Muslim Pirates, and the cannon was of great comfort to them. In addition to protection against piracy, the Lantaka was also used in transportation across 17th & 18th century Java and Borneo - being fired for virtually all types of signaling. They were often fired to warn a neighbouring village of impending attack by pirates and slave merchants. Lantakas were also fired on celebratory occasions. In the 1840s England was involved with the suppression of headhunting and piracy in Brunei. A wealthy Englishman (Rajah James Brooke) who established the dynasty that ruled Sarawak from 1841 until 1946, passed out many Brunei cast cannon to guarantee the cooperation of the local chiefs. Today Lantakas are highly sought after by collectors with some of the realized prices hitting over $50,000 for one gun!

price: $1,800.00