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Comments for: teapot
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 06, 2007 07:39PM

They should have designed it so that the handle was a gun.
Joseph Mengele, Jr. Report This Comment
Date: May 06, 2007 08:08PM

One thing that Hitler and G.W.Bush have in common is that they're both secret Jews. Secret Jews tend to cause wars and murder millions. Bush has only murdered around 700,000 people, but will probably pass the 1 million mark by the time he leaves office.

One thing the Jews are good at is murdering millions. When radical Jews established Jewish Bolshevism, AKA Communism, in the Soviet Union, they ended up murdering 60 million Christians between 1917 and 1953.

Here's an article written by a Jew who admits that the Jews murdered all those millions.


Of course, you'll get idiots like jgoins who'll deny these crimes occured, even when Jews themselves admit they did it. This is the kind of stupidity us patriots have to put up with with our own people.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 07, 2007 01:30AM

I haven't even clicked on that link yet and I can say it's about time someone comes along with some brain!

Everyone in the world should already know that the Russian Revolution (Royalty killed) was started by Zionist, yeah secret society type stuff, they get there own little groups together and plot against the "higher up", you know, lots of propaganda first to spread "the word", then have people start to "rise", they work up a damn good furor.

Something else everyone should already know, they don't come out screaming they are going to kick your ass, they come out helping you and supposedly making the world a better place, look at Communism.... just like the US, to much social acceptability, all that comes down to is the more socially acceptable you are the more control you are under, start digging in, if you don't question the world around you, don't cry later on.

There are American people dieing for Zionism, that's why Iran is already in their sights, deny these quotes all you want, then look them up and see reality, this is just a start...

What you should know

Have you ever heard of the name Rothschild, you better start looking it up, they are definitely known in Israel and all over the world, find their name over there in some photos, know, what are they photos of.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 07, 2007 09:19AM

What I know is the end of the world follows when the entire world turns against Israel. So in my opinion, if at least America keeps supporting Israel it might just delay the end of the world.
Jimmy_the_Scumbat Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2007 01:07AM

I'm a Hitler tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle and here is my spout. When I get all steamed up hear me shout, kill the jews!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2007 01:29AM

jgoin, how much do you bring in every week?

jgoin, The Propaganda Pusher!
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 08, 2007 06:57AM

How much I bring in every week is nobody's business.

Just read Revelations in the Bible then you will know what I am talking about.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 09, 2007 06:13PM

Now you're religious, gimme a break, you follow God in case you die and there really is one, quit following myths and get into reality!

Are you paid directly from them or is it just a company "on the side".
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 10, 2007 05:37AM

If God is a myth then my belief causes no harm, but since he is real then your non belief causes you real harm.

I only wish I were paid for what I post here. These are my true heart felt beliefs and I get no money for them unfortunately. My beliefs are my own and not swayed by anyone too bad others can't honestly say that.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: May 10, 2007 07:43PM

If you're going to do this propaganda stuff you have to have consistency not this comment here and that comment there, just like you said awhile back, you're not sure if there's a God but you're going to worship him just in case so either way you're safe, you are no where near consistent in your shit, they should fire you or put you in an Asylum, you are a fake person.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 11, 2007 07:36AM

I am consistent but sometimes I try to explain things so people with only 2 brain cells can understand and it seems I just can't dumb down enough for some of you. I believe in God and know I am right in his existence. If there were even the slimmest chance that I am wrong, I have done no harm, can you say the same?
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: November 03, 2007 06:53AM

Diese Bleu Hitler hast gesaght zu diese leut : Bist heut zu du fur diese Damen Satchie Cassie Sashay Von Fuhrer Aus Amerika kommt als Presidente rein ? ! Auf doch noch , Amerika ??!! .com