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hotter than your girl

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hotter than your girl

Comments for: hotter than your girl
homohater Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2007 12:29PM

I was going to post something like "What is up with all these faggots posting gay-ass tranny pix, you bunch of AIDS-riddled queers." But in order to be one of these idiots, you first have to misspell almost every word and have tons of grammatical errors. Then the more I looked at this "girl" the more I got aroused and the more queer it made me feel and the more angry I got, so I just beat-up my girlfriend instead.
chug! Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2007 03:47PM

A couple years ago, when I was in college I used to go to female impersonator beauty pageant and make my oral skills known to the (very) pretty girls at the show. Word of my abilities spread faster and wider than my ass cheeks on a Saturday night....hell a Wednesday night for that matter. It is all in the tongue and throat.....none of this hand job while kissing her head. "Look no hands!" I was quite the innovator having cum up with many oral techniques like "Minty Fresh" (Altoids in my mouth), the Ice CREAM Cone, The Protein Geyser and the Brown Eye French Kiss (a.k.a. as The Rim Shot). Later, I suggested to the "girls" we have a blind taste test, where it was my job (I love my work!) to put each girl in my mouth, eyes closed, identify her by length, girth, circumcised (or not), flavor and consistency of her milk. They were always amazed at my accuracy. Practice, practice, practice!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2007 05:11PM

Chug- You any relation to ADCBEAST and ANON?
Tag Teamin' Teenagers Report This Comment
Date: March 06, 2007 06:51PM

This junk in the trunk aint fit for that macalpine chump!