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M-18 elite

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M-18 elite

Comments for: M-18 elite
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: October 15, 2006 10:20PM

New Army Rifle Unveiled - The M-18 Elite

M-18 Elite - The Future of War

The Pentagon unveiled the new M-18 Elite, scheduled for intra-service deployment beginning in April. Making use of the latest in digital technology, the Elite will allow both military and ACLU lawyers to review all target site pictures via satellite, and give an instantaneous yay-or-nay . In addition, the President, House Committee on Military Affairs, and interactive viewers of CNN will have the ability to see, and refuse, targets that may be unnecessary, or deemed cruel. All shots will require 100% concurrence. Rumors that the UN was also in the loop were quickly scotched today when a DOD spokesperson said, "That's just ridiculous."
festus Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 12:35AM

Wtf???? I go away for two weeks and the site falls totally apart tongue
sticking out smiley
The_Sultan Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 01:09AM

that looks like a completely useless rifle
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 01:27AM

I'll take a plain 'ol M4 with open sights any day.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 01:30AM

Hey, that was me...forgot to login. Where'd you go Festus? Thought you had enough of the bullshit here and moved on!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 01:45AM

Yeah totally useless gun, how the fuck are you going to enter a school, pop off some kids with that hugh piece of shit. Cmon Fossil we what to see some kickass sleak nunbers. Oh BTW America hows the "Safety at Schools" conference going, hope no one mentions gun control at this summit, we dont want a good idea to spoil this important gathering.
dawgfart Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 05:18AM

and you morons actually believe that this weapon system will be fielded in this manner? im SURE that this is just a pic with all the available attatchments, its not meant to be used with all of them at once....morons
Jordan1st Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 05:48AM

This is BullShit...
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 04:59PM

damn, i thought at least 1 of you dingleberries would've bought this line of bullshit.

oh well maybe there's hope for ya'll aftr all smileys
with beer smiling
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90130_ Report This Comment
Date: October 16, 2006 11:28PM

Yeah, Fossil....I got the joke. It would be impossible to do anything with this rifle in the configuration pictured. Maybe if you were pissed off enough, you could throw it at your intended target. Someone had a lot of time on their hands to put it together and it's a funny sight gag for sure.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 16/10/2006 11:32PM by 90130_.
ToucanSam Report This Comment
Date: October 17, 2006 01:41AM

smiley sticking its tongue out
Anonymous Report This Comment
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