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Rally at U.N.

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Rally at U.N.

Comments for: Rally at U.N.
aDCBeast Report This Comment
Date: September 22, 2006 07:36PM

Not when the UN is the US.
mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 23, 2006 06:27PM

You gotta be fuckin kiddin me Beast ! The UN is such a worthless bag of piss bunch of goddam political agendas and pretty damned worthless at actually accomplishing ANYTHING it's actually irrelevent in the 1st place.

Besides that, most every action requested by the US in the UN is defeated by the membership, so how the fuck does your most recent statement bear any more resemblance to the truth than the other warblings you post here ???
aDCBeast Report This Comment
Date: September 24, 2006 01:01PM


You must be young, plain blind, or a bs artist. Until 1992 the UN passed a ridiculous % of US resolutions.

The UN only becomes a worthless piece of shit when the world doesn't do what the US wants. That is BS.

Thinking you're right every time is the kind of arrogance that lead to 9-11.

Had Colin Powell delivered his speech to the UN without saying mobile labs, chemical weapons, and uranium from Niger then the world would have voted against the resolution against Iraq.

So to manipulate the vote the US made up the evidence against Saddam then Bush had his house nigger Powell intentionally lie to the world.

Powell knew he was used the instant weapons inspector Kay said no WMDs and mobile labs ever existed.

This is why Powell is speaking out now against president Bush.
mrkim Report This Comment
Date: September 25, 2006 07:32AM

The UN should be removed from our soil. It's very existance here allows foreign nationals the ability to circumvent our legal process at will and get away with it.

Relocate it to France, they'd have no problem accepting this kinda shit from foreigners. That's a way of life for the frogs :>winking
aDCBeast Report This Comment
Date: September 27, 2006 12:51AM

The rest of the world finally stood up to the US when dipshit Bush used the US military to violate international law all over the world to hide the past dirty works of his father.

The UN structure worked. When 1 nation thinks it is above the law, the rest of the world must respond by putting up roadblocks for resolution from rogue nations.

The US under president Bush is a rogue nation.