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Join The Dark Side

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Join The Dark Side

Comments for: Join The Dark Side
BlahX3 Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 12:49AM

No thank you.
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 01:20AM

it's obviously bad for the complexion
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 01:25AM

Beast...I am your father!
Tribucian Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 10:09AM

Actually if you look at the whole Star Wars set as a whole, it may become apparent to you that the Dark Side basically had bad PR. Okay, those of the Dark Side are bad; otherwise, it would not be the Dark Sied. But ask yourself this question, is the other side better?

The Dark Side as a group is more or less equal to the political ideal of facisism. Many personal freedoms are lost; BUT, the garbage is picked up, the trains run on time, and crime is very low. In other words, the Aniken charcter states it best. "We will make everybody be good---by force if necessary (paraphrased)." I know many people who were uneasy with the sixth installment of the saga because it showed that the Aniken/ Darth Vader character saw himself as the good guy.

On the other hand, the Jedi Knights as a group are more comparable to the political idea of communism -- the Joe Stalin-USSR version, not the Marx-Engle version. Think KGB (basic Jedi Knights) led by the high officials of the Party (Jedi Counsel). All planets are allowed self-rule (soviets) as long as they abide by the decisions (sorry, I meant "counsil"winking
smiley of the Jedi Counsel. If not, Jedi Knights would be sent to convince those who disagree the error of their ways. I believe the Aniken character jokingly in a conversation with the Amidala character referred to it as "Stratigic diplomacy" through the use of light sabers guided by the "Force." In other words we have rule by (the)Force through fear.

So think about it. I personally do not like either of these ideologies. However, if I had to choose the lesser of the two evils, I would prefer the straight-forwardness of the Dark Side's facisism to the hypocrisy of the Jedi Knight's brand of communism.
Tribucian Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 10:13AM

One other sobering thought. If either of these factions were in control, would not be allowed to legally exist.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 10:59AM

is there a light or a drak side, or is it just how you use it that makes it light or dark..
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 03:07PM

Holy shit dudes. It's just a movie.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: July 22, 2006 11:10PM

The only thing I care about light or dark is the turkey on my dinner plate. Pass me the mash potatoes and gravy, please.
zxz555 Report This Comment
Date: July 23, 2006 09:59AM

Tribucian makes a good point. People accept movies as simple entertainment and don´t realise there is often a message behind it. Of course hollywood and other countries film industries can be political. If you doubt my word look at the last few Clooney films. Each one makes a clear political standpoint (goodnight and good Fuck or luck one was called I think).