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A lesson for the boys..

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A lesson for the boys..

Comments for: A lesson for the boys..
madbull Report This Comment
Date: July 14, 2006 07:27PM

women are trying to turn men into pussies!
plucking eyebrows, wearing pink, my God men.... stand up and piss!!!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 14, 2006 07:47PM

And please! by all means, splatter the toilet with your stinky urine!

Stand up to piss when you are out in the woods... fucking neanderthal.
bigdeal_ Report This Comment
Date: July 14, 2006 11:32PM

That's why the stupid cunts have their own restrooms, isn't it?
shaDEz Report This Comment
Date: July 14, 2006 11:34PM

hey, at least i aim for the toilet... yall bitches try tell me to sit and piss like a girl and i won't even bother going to the bathroom at all... i'll just whip it out where ever i am and piss on the floor and say 'now clean that piss up, bitch'
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 17, 2006 10:50PM

That's right Shadez.. violence is the correct response.
DoneGone Report This Comment
Date: April 04, 2009 08:14PM

I've been standing up to piss for decades and I have no trouble avoiding hitting the seat. The bowl water is a pretty big target. If your man is missing it, send him to an optometrist or train him using whatever methods you deem appropriate.

Standing up to piss is what men are built to do.

Sitting down and cramping our penis between the seat rim is not natural.

It's bad enough using public toilets that are built too small when number 2 calls and the bowl is so small your penis is cramped to touch the inner porcelain rim.

You have been educated. This message was brought to you by the people who taught you about shaking it and washing your hands.