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political humor

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political humor

Comments for: political humor
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2006 12:36AM

Says it all pretty succinctly. This pic might actually be a great aid in gettin the point across since they'd naturally perceive that shitty color of green as something they could easily identify with, like the trim on their purple houses :>winking
Mrkim Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2006 12:45AM

Funny shit :

"I have a friend who is president of his homeowner's association down in Washington. They are having a terrible problem with trash on the side of the road that is around his association's homes.

The reason according to Wallace (my friend) is, there is being built just next to them, six new homes.....big ones! Wallace said the trash is coming from the Mexican work crews working at the construction sites. (McDonald Bags, Burger King trash, etc).

He has pleaded with the site supervisors and the general contractor to no avail, called the City, County, and the Police and got no help.

So ... guess what some people in his community did?

They organized about twenty folks, named themselves The "Inner Neighborhood Services" to go out at lunch time and "police" the trash themselves. It is what they did while picking up the trash that is HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!

They got some navy blue baseball caps and had the initials "INS" in gold put on the caps. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, however, to understand what they hoped people would think it means.

Well, the day after their first trash pick up detail, with them wearing their caps and some carrying cameras 46 out of 68 of the construction workers did not show up for work the following morning!!!!!!!!.............and haven't come back yet. It's now been ten days.

Now the General Contractor, I understand is madder than hell, but can't say anything publicly, because he could be busted for hiring "illegal aliens". Wallace and his bunch can't be accused of impersonating INS folks, because they have it on their home owner association records the vote to form the new committee within their association, plus they informed the INS about what they were doing in advance, and the INS said basically according to Wallace.............."have at it"! "
SP_SD9_4450 Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2006 03:00AM

LOL. Mrkim, that's cool.
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: May 16, 2006 09:17AM

good story, I love it when people figure out creative solutions to their problems...
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2006 08:51AM

Just wearing the hat wouldn't be enough to constitute impersonating the INS anyway. They would have to use badges or id's to be impersonating an officer. I has a cap that had FBI on it and wore it when I rode my 4wheeler in the woods in several loactions. The 1st day I smelled either most everywhere but after a few days of riding the smell disappeared in all locations. I have worn the cap in public in front of police officers and have never been approached by them to stop wearing it. I think I will find the INS cap and start wearing it when I setup at the local fleamarket on the weekends and see what happens there.
jgoins Report This Comment
Date: May 17, 2006 04:49PM

Sorry, meant had instead of has a cap.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 21, 2006 08:14PM

ha ha... Intolerance is Sooooo funny. Its so much fun to be mean to people different than me. Ha ha.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: June 21, 2007 03:02AM

fuck you
Agent Alpha Report This Comment
Date: October 13, 2010 01:12AM

Don't forget the Canadian Border. Wait until the American people wake up and find out that Osama Ben laden came thru Canada to get here to bomb the twin towers in 1993. Wait until the American people find out that most of you are illegal Aliens from Canada. Wait until the American people find out that hundreds of thousands canadian are working illegally in the Northern part of the United States from Washington State, Idaho, Montana,North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

How wide is this Border????? What is the distance from Washington State to Maine?? The total distance from Washington to Maine is 2471 miles.

Lets see, 2000 agents each covering one mile each. still leaves 471 miles unpatrolled. So how many Border Patrol agents patrol this extensive border?

Everyone has us focused on Mexico we are forgetting the Northern boundaries of the United States. Rumor has it that most Mexicans travel legally to Canada then walk across without incident thru any dirt road headed south into the United States. Something to think about?
fossil_digger Report This Comment
Date: October 13, 2010 11:34AM

yeah those canadian cartels are soooo dangerous. handjob