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Two legends together

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Two legends together

Comments for: Two legends together
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 04:46PM

washed up
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 05:12PM

Once again, the starving millions of Africa come to the aid of fading pop stars
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 07:28PM

its all a con they only wana take over africa for the oil fucking americans
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 08:31PM

I see an Irishman and a Brit...nope, no Americans in that pic.
Anonymous2929 Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 10:10PM

Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 02, 2005 10:38PM

DO YOU REALLY GIVE A SHIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 03, 2005 01:59AM

no one today can even come close to Pauls genius
The_Central_Scrutinizer Report This Comment
Date: July 03, 2005 05:01AM

Well, yes and no.

He and Lennon did some very nice stuff. I just wouldn't overstate it. The Beatles music (not the media phenomenon)was an amalgram of talents and efforts and would've never been the same were it not for the outside influences of what essentially was an older generation of musical literacy.
Say, for example, George Martin.
On the other hand, George Martin takes credit for the Piccolo trumpet solo that the actual player (his name is on the net, I can't remember it now) who showed up for the Penny Lane date wrote when George pointed at him and said, Play here. And Here. And here. And here. They get organizational and inspirational credit, but too many folks think they wrote every note you hear. None of them were that talented.

But there WAS ONE GUITAR PLAYER (amazingly) WHO WAS:

Frank Zappa.

If you actually care about the distinction (and I'm not for a minute thinking most do) you can check out the stuff he did HIMSELF (not hiring somebody to transcribe it from a rock record so he could could cash in) for the London Symphony Orchestra and the Ensemble Modern.

If you like 20th Century Classical, it's the real deal. Not that embarrassing crap Elton John, McCartney and Billy Joel write. The only people in the Pop arena with those kinds of writing chops narrow down to folks like Randy Newman ( know, Faust was a misstep) and Danny Elfman. MMMMMMMAYbe Sting.

Of course the really tricky part of your position is the word "today". If, by today, you mean "new":

You're absolutely correct and I'm sorry I brought it up. Dave Matthews gets an honorable mention, though.

BTW, What's the deal with Bono, anyway? U2 had about three pretty OK tunes. What's everybody so jazzed about?
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 03, 2005 07:14AM

I'm so goddamn sick of everyone kissing the Beatles' asses. They wrote pop songs for the sake of the bloody Christ!!! Look at the garbage they have put out since they have disbanded...don't encourage them, they should die with dignity.
white_power Report This Comment
Date: July 03, 2005 09:32AM

live 8 will make no difference what so ever to peoples lives in africa you gullible twats. Because the leaders of all the african counries puts all this money your givin them in their back pockets.
duane Report This Comment
Date: July 05, 2005 11:40PM

There is probably 40 songs that the beatles wrote that half the population could recognise please name a few groups that have done that.Even young kids know some of thier music and they have not wrote anything as a band(all four) for over 35 years.Please dont mention Frank Zappa in the same breath with them he was just fucking weird,and a little cry baby bitch to boot,just like the fucking singers today who seemingly have to be involved in every thing political.Every thing about them is a role over and suck dick attitude no confrantation unless its your brother,the people doing wrong are allways the ones having thier rights violated(druggies,Sadam,people on welfare(yes thier wrong,been there done that,get a job fucker),communist regimes)you name it they love the lowlifes.Oh yeah unless we invade africa to free its people(and get acused of stealing something)they are pretty much fucked.You have a backward ass group of people who were rolling around with the dead and getting ebola,cutting off thier womens clitoris to keep them faithfull,routinely killing missionarys sent to help change thier fucked up ways,and eating some of the most ungodly shit like cows blood mixed with spit.The fucking rant could go on but Im gonna go to sleep and dream about nukeing the rest of the world so sleep well world your greatest wellwisher is on guard lol.Fucking Idiots!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 08, 2005 01:44AM

amazing. someone posts a picture of two musicians and everybody goes apeshit. chill out, people
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: July 11, 2005 12:56AM

U2 sucks. So do the beatles. Nuff said.
Your_Mother Report This Comment
Date: July 13, 2005 03:57PM

blah blah blah. they are both losers. period.