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If only it were this easy.

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If only it were this easy.

Comments for: If only it were this easy.
Republifucks Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 12:10AM

Packing that GI on a C-130 and bringing home to his wife and kids would be easier still.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 12:17AM

YES, because if the USA can install any little bit of freedom for the oppressed of the world the leftist Hippies, that long for the 60's to be revisited,lose.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 10:32AM

right on, 238240
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 10:59AM

So why isn't the US installing any freedom in the non oil producing countries of the world?
Anthony Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 01:58PM

Iraq is an incredibly important strategic area that's why!! Are people really that naive and small minded???? What a strange, stupid world it would be if our best and brightest directed the scarce resources of the most powerful nations towards changing conditions in the unimportant areas of the world. The US only has so much capability. It only makes sense to spend American taxpayers dollars in endeavors that will benefit them in the long run. This can mean spending dollars in ventures that will result in long term global stability that is in the interests of US national security. Global stability also is good for the global economy, which in turn is good for the AMERICAN economy. A good global economy is good for preventing extremism and fanaticism as people who are happy and working hard don't have time to sit around contemplating god and how he wants to kill every "infidel".
booger12 Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 08:58PM

Any asshole that thinks we are in Iraq for oil sure as Hell hasn't been to the "States" lately. The price of oil has gone up two-fold since the Iraq war!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 19, 2005 11:56PM

Funny, I haven't seen any 'global stability' lately. You'd think after two years of american g.i.'s dying and coming home maimed and hundreds of billions spent there'd be some improvement, anthony. It's hypocritical to espouse high-minded ideals of freedom and regional stability and then decide that only the areas that directly benefit us are deserving of our efforts. The reason it's hypocritical is because restricting freedom and peace to those who benefit us is self-serving, demeaning, and coldly manipulative.

Anthony Report This Comment
Date: March 20, 2005 01:04AM

OK 94220, this is a classic argument between "Idealists" and "realists". Idealists have romantic visions of the world, and believe everyone can be equal, everybody can be happy living together, and resources can be plentiful for every man woman and child. They can afford to think this way because in the modern western world, they have been insulated from the harsh realities of survival by the amazing civilization our forefathers have created. However, realists view the world for what it actually is. They don't delude themselves with romantic ideals and visions. The fact is, resources are scarce, and human nature is violent and selfish, and the civilization we have built up is VERY delicate and could come tumbling down like a house of cards VERY QUICKLY. Realists take these facts and try to do the best they can with them. Intelligent people will decide how to allocate these scarce resources for the benefit of those to whom the resources belong. In Europe, after the devastating world war 2, the United States decided to spend untold billions rebuilding the entire European economy. This was called the Marshall plan. Do you think the average American sacrficed a significant amount of their wealth to a bunch of Europeans out of the kindness of their hearts? Billions given for free to a people who constantly fought and slaughtered each other??? No, it was because it was deemed by some very intelligent people that a stable and prosperous Europe was good for the security of the United States in the long run. Iraq is a similar situation. A prosperous Iraq should lead to prosperity in the surrounding region. In order for prosperity to take place, a moderate, responsible government is a prerequisite. Once people in the region have hope for success, they will be less likely to blow themselves up all over the place. I see nothing wrong with believing in the concept of everyone acting in their own self interests resulting in a benefit for all involved. That is a concept articulated by the famous economist Adam Smith, and is the core concept behind free enterprise and it's success.
AwPhuch Report This Comment
Date: March 20, 2005 02:11AM

Anony mous@94220...he ;y long did it take Japan to get back on its feet after America handed its ass to it?? 2 years...try 2 decades dipshit...
Perhaps supporting the cause instead of trying to undermine it at every turn might make things go faster...but nooooooooo, you have to demonize any Republican and worship any Democrat that comes along
And you are right...its all about oil...thats why we are sucking that country dry right?!?! WRONG!
Damn liberal whiners cant get over the fact that we have a "GOOD" president for a change
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 20, 2005 11:20PM

"A prosperous Iraq"...which will be tricky to achieve considering how much debt they are shackled with... FROM SADDAM'S REIGN ...which the IMF won't erase, despite there being _legitimate_reason_and_much_precedent_ to call the debt "odious" and cancel it. And you are right *Anthony*, Iraq's scarce resources actually belong to America, that's why we are there! It makes so much sense now!
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 20, 2005 11:21PM

I like that *AwPhuch*, "Good" in quotes... your sense of humor is very dry.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: March 22, 2005 03:42AM

I still think that before we go to war, we solve out own problems,now if they could not find OSAMA its becasue they suck and in reality 9/11 could have been avoided but someone FUCKED up big time becasue if you read in the laws of the FAA there a srict codes when an aircraft is high-jacked so someone did not do there job while they were to busy snifing their "Kilo" i blame them first...cuz it could have been avoided and we then would not be in this situation in the first place.