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Re: Image comments for I'm sure he's totally different. Super nice guy
Posted by: Loner
Date: 29/07/2019 09:50AM
Quasi, my only complaint is about false, and again I say false claims like the OP's. Anonymous could start by (actually not being anonymous) providing source material on "Muslims should wear special ID's", because there isn't even fact to twist on that one. AND I wasn't only talking about one side of this. The rest of the OP is straight up bullshit. And my suggestion was NOT censorship. That was a clear misnomer on your part. Maybe a different place other than "the cool picture site". There were probably a few good reasons why the porn stuff was split off. Probably legal reasons tipped the decision. I regard propaganda lies as kind of the snuff films of political speech. I don't see what good it does, ever! But in general the political stuff seems to ugly up the site, that's all. And I know that there is cost associated with, everything.

But your point is well taken about "free places".
Another hallmark of fascism is the Big Lie.
Your name calling is quasi-juvenile.

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