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Re: Image comments for Fuck you again, America.
Posted by: pulse
Date: 28/07/2017 09:39AM
jgoins, you've got it wrong. I'm not trying to fix the US' ills. I don't care.

The horse has bolted. It's too late. You can defend it however you like. Your gun laws, the fact you all want to feel like a big man carrying a gun; I don't care. You're fair and reasonable; that's great. Somebody else will take it too far and kill somebody in a flash of anger. Guns are in 'bad guys' hands because they're so easily available. The amount of shootings we have compared to the US is astronomical. Sure, some bad guys get guns here, but the percentage is way lower. I don't feel a need to carry a gun, because the guy next to me doesn't have one and I'll take the chance I can beat him in a fist fight or knife fight if required.

I hope your guns make you feel great, and I'm sure you've never had that feeling where you've snapped and lost it. But out of 300-something million of you, if it happens to 10 people a day, it's 10 people too many.

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