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Re: Image comments for Fuck you again, America.
Posted by: Loner
Date: 22/07/2017 03:22PM
This tragedy is as bad as it is sad. But, to attempt to insult 320 million people because of a few morons doesn't seem so bright. I don't think that I need to defend America as an idea or a political system, or whatever aspect anyone would like to call out. Surely, woberto just said that to get some edifying discussion going, right? Did I say moron?

I like the Killed by Police site. It's good to have one, I actually mean that. And, I'm going to spend the rest of my day reading all of the news links (good idea) associated with the deaths; not.

If anyone wants to see a real slice of dumb America, check out the press conference last night by the Minneapolis Mayor:
No security? No planning? No brains?
Still though, no violence, yet. I wonder how many of those activists present at the press conference voted in the last election. Good points were made though about the Minneapolis Police camera policy. I don't know. Should police have their dash cam on when there is nothing of relevance in front of the car? Should officers be required to have their body cams on when they are inside the car? The answer might be to engage them as soon as they arrive on the scene going forward.

What does Minneapolis's/Minnesota's immigration stance have on this? Nothing? But it sure looks bad. Really bad! After calling the police twice about hearing a disturbance in an alley Justine Ruszczyk goes out to meet the police. Muhamed Noor (police officer in the passenger seat) hears a loud noise. Then, notices Justine just outside the drivers side of the car, pulls his gun and shoots her (yes, shoots her from the passenger side). ??? Poor training? Poor hire? Both?

What did Mark Twain say? "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics." (originator not known) I might be inclined to trust National Review more than others (which isn't saying so much). But, the DOJ? No, not without detail on how the stats were compiled. As I get older I find that a large percentage (not a majority) of sources just lie to you, and the rest don't know what the hell they are talking about.

Stay inside.

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