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Re: Image comments for no guns...
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 06/05/2012 09:29AM
Windfall profits exist in many varying scales and while some may seem egregious it all balances out over time.

If you found an X-Box you could snag for $5 and turn for $100, that's certainly a example of a windfall profit, putting a smile on your face, $$ in your pocket, food on the Goins table, etc. .

Later when you snag another one for $50 that you still turn for the same $100 as the other one, that's an example of a more typical margin, generates no ear to ear grin, but still keeps the Goins enterprise goin, food on the table, etc. .

In all businesses windfall profits are a nice benefit but usually are not the bulk or majority of a businesses sales and really just serve to help keep things goin along.

They also help businesses to fund humanitarian functions like organizing workers groups to develop highway clean up projects, fund Christmas parties and company outings, make raises and bonuses possible and keep a companys doors open so its employees can even have a job.

This is not to say all windfall profits are corporately moral and benevolent as surely some are, while others aren't, but to make the case that they are not inherently a bad thing and a part of all business, even yours cool smiley

smoking smiley

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