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Re: Image comments for no guns...
Posted by: quasi
Date: 05/05/2012 03:04PM
For a couple of weeks after hurricane Charley it was necessary to drive to the next county to get gasoline (and face long lines doing it) because thhough the stations here had lots of it in their tanks they had no way to pump it with the power grid down. Now I believe it's mandatory for fuel stations to have back up generators so they can keep pumping, though I think it's just another crock-o-shit government regulation despite it's usefulness in a power outage. It's usually decades between hurricanes hitting here and buying & maintaining a big generator like that may not be cost effective for the possibility of a once in a lifetime occurance. That said, I have small generators for both mine and my mom's house, by my own choice, just as it should be for any business not involved in emergency healthcare.

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