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Re: Image comments for no guns...
Posted by: quasi
Date: 01/05/2012 02:51PM
I think a large part of the problem is that issues have become so complex, and the population so huge with so many different agendas out there, that the average person trying to just get by and support themselves and their family just doesn't have time to dig through the heaps of bullshit to get at the truth. Perhaps we needed this time of massive unemployment to give people the time to discover the truth and to find their own voice. I see it in some of the grassroots movements and I see it in the support for Ron Paul among the many disenfranchised folks out there who have grown weary of "the man" and the control he has over us. Unfortunately there is a large portion of the population that believes the path to enlightenment lies through a big screen TV with surround sound an ipad and a new car. Somewhere along the line the American dream went from accomplishing something to aquiring lots of somethings.

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