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Re: Image comments for no guns...
Posted by: BlahX3
Date: 01/05/2012 01:39PM
I know way too many people just like that Q-man. Every frikking conspiracy and line o' BS they talk like it's gospel. Sometimes the most outlandish ideas are the ones they think are the truest. I have to bite my tongue an awful lot. It isn't that I don't believe just about anything imaginable is possible but that somehow the things such folks believe sure seem on the imaginary side.

The closer information gets to empirical truth the more likely I am to believe it.

I agree completely, the internet is a truly vast informational resource and though it may be difficult to find I think some of the truth is out there. I don't do TV these days and honestly don't miss it other than a few favorite shows and I can watch enough of them online. It's crappy quality sometimes but WTF, it works.

I think in time we will be able to pull our asses out of the shithole we're in. It ain't easy but it has to be done. It'll take time and clear thinking.

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