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Re: Image comments for what really happened
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 06/12/2009 01:17PM
You're right, it's all supposition as to what might have happened had the election gone another way, but the unanswered question still remains Wolfie .... what has he done that you see as beneficial to the nation since he took office confused smiley

And, you won't convince me that a candidate with long affiliations with domestic terrorists,communist/marxist organizers, a racist/anti American preacher who then went on to publish an openly racist book revealing his inherent mistrust and disgust of white people (including members of his own family) looks anything like a wiser or better choice over a highly decorated Viet Nam war veteran (including several years as a POW) whose intended focus was on getting the economy back on track had he been elected.

You can try peddlin that shit just like the liberal media did during the campaign, but then, and now, that's a no sale here dude thumbs up

smoking smiley

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